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Nevada Court Records

Due to the search capacity online, Nevada court records are highly available, offering the public and legal professionals alike access to all types of judiciary records without having to track each one down in person. Court records are used for a variety of reasons: to delve into genealogy or find historical vital records, provide histories from a similar case that may reflect a personal law concern, or to provide a historical background when filing a new case.

The state of Nevada’s appellate court structure consists of District Courts, Court of Appeals, and lastly the Supreme Court.

Nevada Court Records

History of Nevada Courts

The territory of Nevada was established in 1861. At that time President Lincoln appointed three justices to the Territorial Supreme Court. The justices proceeded over cases until Nevada achieved statehood in 1864. The court records from the territorial period were never published.

In time, the Supreme Court of Nevada grew from three to seven justices and the caseload increased. To assist in the hearing of a growing number of cases, the Court of Appeals was established in 2014.

To date, the most significant court records are contained in a volume called the Nevada reports, which is published annually and can be found in most state libraries.

Nevada Court Statistics

Nevada Courts recieve 905,278 filings per year. In 2012, the court received 963,224 filings and gave 942,594 dispositions. In 2016, the state court caseload counted 905,147 filings and had 838,576 dispositions.

Total State Caseloads

Year Caseloads
2012 963,224
2013 943,933
2014 868,059
2015 846,027
2016 905,147

Nevada Court Records Availability

The Supreme Court hears cases of appeal and those that call for of Constitutional interpretation. These cases may be civil or criminal. The Court of Appeals, a lower court, helps to process appeals for Supreme Court revision.

District Courts proceed over most original cases and include those of a criminal or civil nature, in addition to family, juvenile, and traffic hearings.

In 2008 a Commission on Preservation, Access, and Sealing of court records was created to organize and regulate the distribution of court records for the state of Nevada.

Share of Court Type Incoming Caseloads

Court Type Caseloads
Traffic: 479,521 (53.0 %)
Domestic Relations: 56,575 (6.3 %)
Criminal: 201,920 (22.3 %)
Civil: 167,131 (18.5 %)

Share of Court Type Outgoing Caseloads

Court Type Caseloads
Traffic: 438,116 (52.2 %)
Domestic Relations: 48,965 (5.8 %)
Criminal: 187,858 (22.4 %)
Civil: 163,637 (19.5 %)

Nevada Main Court Information

The appellate courts of Nevada include the District, Appeals and Supreme Courts. The Supreme Court is the highest court and is considered the court of last resort for all proceedings. Each justice is elected for a term of six years and may serve in rotation at the Carson City or Las Vegas courthouse, typically spending a year at each location, working on a panel of three justices and convening as a full court in either city for cases that are heard en banc.

The Court of Appeals serves to evaluate those appeals that may need revision by the Supreme Court. Approximately two-thirds of the cases it presides over go on to the next level of the judiciary branch.

The District Courts have jurisdiction over all legal disputes, criminal and civil. These judges are sometimes given cases from Municipal or Justice Courts filing for appeal. The lower courts of Nevada handle traffic, parking citations, and civil cases in 17 Municipal Courts.

Family Court Cases

Domestic relations caseload of Nevada at year end 2016 has decreased by 4.8% compared to the last 5 years, in 2012 the number of incoming cases was 59,286 with a rate of 2,149 cases per 100,000 population, higher than it's in 2016.

Year Domestic Relations Caseload Total Statewide Caseload
2012 59,286 963,224
2013 54,006 943,933
2014 51,846 868,059
2015 51,696 846,027
2016 56,575 905,147

Domestic Relations Clearance Rates

Year Incoming Caseload Outgoing Caseload Caseload per 100,000 Population
2012 59,286 49,893 2,149
2013 54,006 51,542 1,936
2014 51,846 49,133 1,826
2015 51,696 48,126 1,788
2016 56,575 48,965 1,924

States with More & Less Domestic Relation Caseloads than Nevada

More Domestic Relations Cases than Nevada:

State: Caseload:
New York 570,709
Texas 397,468
California 388,903
Pennsylvania 342,163
Virginia 342,040

Less Domestic Relations Cases than Nevada:

State: Caseload:
Arkansas 52,577
Minnesota 49,714
Connecticut 49,660
Wisconsin 47,239
Colorado 44,152

Nevada Caseload Statistics

Nevada Court records show that a total of 2,351 cases were filed by the Supreme Court in 2015. Of these, 394 were original proceedings. In the same year, the Court of Appeals filed 816 cases and disposed 710.

Nevada Criminal Caseloads

The number of criminal cases in Nevada counts 201,708 with 63,622 felony cases and 138,086 misdemeanors accordingly.

Year Criminal Caseload Misdemeanor Caseload Felony Caseload
2012 168,224 45,146 122,898
2013 193,566 56,074 137,306
2014 192,178 55,739 136,291
2015 189,549 58,244 131,122
2016 201,920 63,622 138,086

State Civil Caseload & Clearance Rates

In the last 5 years the number of civil cases has increased by 13,323 cases, it went from 153,808 to 167,131 with clearance rates of 97% and 98%.

Year Civil Caseload Clearance Rate
2012 153,808 97
2013 160,175 101
2014 147,297 108
2015 157,579 113
2016 167,131 98