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North Carolina Court Cases

North Carolina Courts are divided into different hierarchies depending on the area and nature of jurisdiction of the courts. Under the present legal system in the state, the Supreme Court sits at the very top of the chain. The supreme court of North Carolina has jurisdiction over the entire state in terms of legal matters. Subordinate to the Supreme Court are the different district courts in the state. These have smaller parts of the state under their jurisdiction. Still lower down the hierarchy are the County courts which sit in a particular county in the state and have legal jurisdiction over it. At the very end are the circuit courts. As with the legal system in most other states of the United States, the courts may be trial courts or appellate courts which hear on appeals against the outcome of a trial in a lower court. All North Carolina Court cases must pass through one or more of these courts.

Whenever any case passes through a North Carolina Court, a proper and detailed documentation is preserved in order to serve as a future reference. Such court records, in addition to being preserved in paper, are also kept in electronic form. Each North Carolina Court has its own electronic database which maintains detailed and updated records of cases passing through it.

Crime rates throughout the US have seen an alarming rise in recent times. Unemployment, prompted by recession, has led to a sharp rise in such activities. The number of adults arrested in the state in 2008 for criminal offences increased by 10% according to the official figures of the North Carolina Department of Justice. Hence, it becomes imperative today to perform a proper background check of any person in order to ascertain his credentials. This is even more important if such an unknown person is entering your service, be it domestic or professional.

With the importance of background checks established beyond doubt, it is now important to note that performing a background check in North Carolina is easier now that it ever was before. As has been mentioned, all court records are now available online and can be viewed with only a PC and an Internet connection, often for a very nominal fee. The sites offering searches of court databases include ones run by the government and privately operated sites.

When you set out to search for North Carolina Court cases in the court databases, you can consider PACER as one of your options. This revolutionary program by the government can be your one stop to all court records that you may need. You need to undergo a registration procedure and immediately afterwards you will be redirected towards the court database that contains information relevant to you. Once you search the database for the appropriate records, a small fee is imposed for viewing the same, as little as just 8 cents. Fees may rise a little higher if you print, download or otherwise get a copy of the records. On the whole, rates are quite affordable and encourage extensive research when needed.

With the judiciary and the government facilitating public access of records of any North Carolina Court, it shouldn't be a major surprise that a background check today is easy and may not even take more than a few minutes.