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Minnesota Court Records

It is the District Courts of Minnesota that have general jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases. District Courts are generally organized into several divisions based on case type, including Civil, Criminal, Family, Juvenile, Probate, Housing, Misdemeanor, Conciliation and Traffic. As such, it is spread over 87 counties in the state and are organized into 10 Judicial Districts.

Minnesota District courts have clerk officials to maintain the case proceedings and records listed for further reference use. Minnesota Court resources for divorces, family law, criminal records, probate and other civil actions are available as public record online. District court records are arranged by the county in which the case action took place and are organized by records series (for example, case files, registers of actions, judgment books, and minutes).

That information in a court can be electronically searched and inspected without the need to physically visit a court facility. The state court administrator designates publicly-accessible facilities other than court facilities as official locations for public access to court records where records can be electronically searched, inspected or copied. The Minnesota Judicial system maintains an online enquiry and search tool for state wide access of electronic case records and calendars, called MPA Remote, or Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Remote view. Upon inquiry, MPA Remote displays case information for public viewing, including register of actions, calendars, judgments, and orders and notices prepared by the court. But as law enforcement, these publicly accessible case records available on the MPA Courthouse service (on court public access computers) are not all remotely accessible through MPA Remote on the internet. Information available through MPA Remote includes register of actions, judgments, case information and calendars. Name searches petty misdemeanors, traffic and criminal case files are unavailable through online sources.

With an extensive database over 342 million online court and law enforcement records; Minnesota's district courts create records of value to historians, scholars, and other researchers. Courthouse public access terminals provide the most complete access to electronic district court case records; because they are not restricted by the remote access provisions of the Minnesota Rules of Public Access to Records of the Judicial Branch (see Rule 8, subd. 2). Records also include convict's full name, conviction date, criminal records, state and federal court records, docket numbers, offenses and charges and disposition date. These records are updated daily and you can access the information of records within 24 hours.

It takes just minutes to find records in most cases. The records are enlisted category wise by district, county and name. Also indexed are criminal / traffic case records and Civil, Family & Probate Case Records. The various court records available are civil cases, tax court cases, criminal cases, implied consent cases and harassment cases. Type in the name of the person in the search box and you will get the required documents available online.

Each district courthouse apart from being online, also offers in-person counter access to locally-stored, public case records in paper form. A Minnesota Court Records check is indeed very quick and a very reliable way to court documents and records of the state of Minnesota.