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Arkansas Court Records

Arkansas Court can be broadly divided into five divisions- City courts, District court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Court and Supreme Court. Circuit Court has been further divided into Drug court and Juvenile Court.

The judges of Arkansas courts of city can serve more than one court. As a result, 73 judges serve the 89 city courts of Arkansas and of them, 29 serve district courts as well. However, from January 1, 2012, the city courts will be regarded as departments of district courts.

District Courts were formerly called municipal courts. There are websites for different district courts of Arkansas. There is one judicial directory that houses all the contact information of these courts. This directory is updated on a regular basis. The city courts work where there are no district courts and have the jurisdiction city-wide.

Arkansas civil courts are the trial courts of general jurisdiction. From January 2002, Arkansas court cases of probates, civil, criminal, juvenile and domestic relations are heard in civil courts. The judges of these courts should have a past experience of six years as state attorney and have to serve a six year term.

This court was created in 1978. The decisions of Arkansas Court of Appeals are given on Wednesdays of the term at 9 am. The term of this court starts in mid August and lasts till the long weekend of Independence Day.

In the Arkansas court pyramid, Supreme Court is at the top most position. Since 1925, it has been a rule that there would be seven judges in this court, consisting of one Chief Justice and six Associate Justice who serve a term of 8 years.

Records of all these courts can be accessed through PACER or Public Access to Courtroom Electronic Records. Database of the records comprise Arkansas court decisions, case history and details of the people involved with the cases. Previously, people looking for Arkansas court records had to visit the local courthouse or the nearest legal office. The information on these cases are extremely crucial as they play a vital role in making background search of people you are planning to hire as driver, domestic help, nanny or employee in your office. When such queries increased in number, the necessity of a public accessible database was felt. Today, anybody with minimum knowledge of computer and Internet can access these records from home.

Online records of Arkansas courts have been handy for the journalists, students, researchers, investigators and anybody looking for the details of a particular case. Apart from PACER, there are different other websites that provide you with these records. These websites have the government approval and they extract information from the legal offices.

Whether you are looking for criminal cases or juvenile, bankruptcy cases or sex offenders list, the database can be availed at any point of time. There are some websites from where you can get the information for free however, if you take prints of these pages, you need to pay a marginal fee per page. As for PACER, you pay for every page you visit. Even the page for no information found is charged on you.

In the website for Arkansas court records, you will get contact information of courts, clerk offices, judges and other officials. You will also get the court timings, court fees and terms of the courthouse. These databases and the website is the one stop solution for all your queries. Visit one and you will get all the necessary details.