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Divorce Court Records

You can browse almost all kinds of records online. Finding the Divorce Court Records on the Internet is no exception. Details of all case hearings at divorce courts are now available for online search. If you are savvy with the Internet, obtaining Court Records of Divorce is the most practical and cost effective way to do it. It is best to look for Free Divorce Court Records if you are browsing out of curiosity. However, there is a marked difference between retrieving free Divorce Court Records and paying for gaining access to Divorce Records. Free of charge records often tend to be incomplete or unauthentic. As a result you may not be able to use such Court Divorce Records in legal proceedings or custody cases.

It is therefore, essential to go in for a paid service if you want to look for an accurate record of divorce. Divorce Court Records are required for a number of reasons. Checking on a prospective spouse is one of the commonest causes of searching through divorce court proceedings. Child support evidence or fidelity issues can also be found out while going through the divorce records. Divorce court records may also help you to research genealogies online. Most people search for divorce records with some serious intention. Therefore, it is important that the information you gain is credible and recent.

You can look up public databases as well as proprietary search databases with very little effort. Most sites will also offer you the option of downloading the divorce record in a report format. These instant lookups claim to provide you with updated and authentic information. You can also manage to search for Divorce Court Records with a minimal amount of information in hand. The first and last names of the subject are mandatory fields and must be entered for your search to be successful. A drop down box in the search area will provide you the option of selecting by the required State. A print out of your search report will give you information about Name, possible address and the State of residence of the subject. You may find the name of Plaintiff in the report as well.

Browsing through any particular divorce record will provide you with details of both the parties including the number of children, filing number, alimony and child custody. Visitation arrangement details can also be obtained from an online record. If you need a certified copy of the divorce proceedings then an online search will not suffice. You need to apply to the Superior Court of the State where the divorce was filed. You can however, get the preliminary information online, before filing for the certificate. You need to know that a Certificate of Divorce Record is not a copy of the divorce decree and cannot be produced in court as a proof of divorce. The minimum time for obtaining such a certificate is six months.

All data pertaining to divorce fall under the jurisdiction of the State. The amount of information that you can access may not be similar for all states. Some States may with hold a portion of the information in accordance with the privacy laws.