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Active Warrants

Imagine a situation when the police turn up at your doorstep with an arrest warrant on your name! It would be a major mess! And it is not necessary that arrest warrants are issued only because you have committed a violent crime; the issue can be as trivial as a certain penalty that you forgot to pay on time. However, Active Warrants in a person's name can place him or her in a difficult situation. To avoid this you need to know whether Active Arrest Warrants are existent in your name or not confidentially. For achieving this, you need to exercise caution.

Classification of Active Warrants

Different Active Warrants are issued depending upon the criminal activities being committed after gathering enough evidence to incriminate a particular individual. Warrant like Search Warrants are issued in case you are suspected of possessing drugs or illegal weapons. The convict can be put behind the bars without the arrest warrant in such cases.

Bench Warrants are issued in case you have failed to appear on your next scheduled court appearance and you are liable for arrest. Some more common active warrants issued by law are : Felony Warrant, Civil Warrant and Alias Warrant. Felony Warrants deals with issues where you have committed a crime. Followed by Felony arrest, it lasts until the authority arrests you as you were charged with a particular felony act.

Felony warrants are public documents and are easily accessible. As it deals with a serious type of criminal activity, negligence should not crop up. You must ensure by searching through the legal documents whether such charges have been made against you, thereby, issuing a warrant. Lewd acts or conduct is just one type of crime that felony warrant may be filed against you.

Proceeding with civil warrants, you must know they can be issued in the small claims court when filing suit. A complainant will be requested to fill out a civil warrant form. In this form, it will contain space for the details of the claim like name of defendant, the amount of your claim, the basis of the claim, the current address of the defendant, and the sufficient funds to pay the fees, such as the filing fee and the sheriff's fees in order to serve the warrant. If you are seeking for a money judgment, then you might want to prepare and file a type of civil warrant called the warrant in debt. Warrant in detinue is another type issued against wrongful possessions of property.

And finally, you have an Alias Warrant which gets issued in the court when no plea has been entered on the case you are involved in, particularly if you failed to appear in court. This type of warrant can be issued if you also fail to appear on the initial appearance on the citation or you have failed to appear on court on the scheduled court date.

Do's and Don'ts Regarding Active Warrants

It is quite beneficial to keep a check whether any active warrant has been issued by you. Certainly, the widespread criminal activities of forgery and fraudulence have increased at a fast pace in the society due to our negligence only. As the concerned departments do have their duty, the citizens too need to keep a constant vigilance over each and every particular activity that is carried out around them. Often, you never know whether your name has been linked up in some of the serious criminal activities or not.

Warrants get issued in cases of driving offenses too: may be you were forgot to be notified earlier or you may have forgot to pay your fine. Another interesting find: Speed Traps often helps to get yourself a warrant. During early days, radar speed detectors were the only kind of speed trap you had to worry about and thus it was much easier to avoid speeding fines than it is today. A cheap radar detector could be fitted in your car during that time which indicated the speed and you could slow down the car as and when required. With the improvement in technology, laser detectors are being used in speed traps. So if one gets missed, the other will surely catch you up in the next trap. Thus, you need to be extremely careful regarding these issues.

It is your duty to keep a check on whether any active warrant has been issued by your name or not. You have to tread on other options that are both feasible and safe. When you suspect that some unscrupulous activities may have been carried out by your name, you should immediately undergo the verification process to avoid the unfortunate mess in the near future.

Visiting the courthouses can aid you in your search but problem lies there too. There are shortcomings in the information as you won't be able to access the particular location from where the warrant has been issued. It happens mostly in cases of stolen identity or crimes committed in some other countries by using your name. In the era of modern technology, Internet provides the best feasible solution. With a vast resource data in the internet, you can gain easy access for verification of an active arrest warrant.

Case Study on Active Warrants

Few cases are being enlisted here regarding which active warrants have been issued. Recently, in September, a case of falsifying information on hundreds of voters registration cards have hit the headlines as reported by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement . Six already being arrested, Federal and State Authorities of Miami have issued arrest warrants of other five members of the gang. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) recruits men to carry out the registration and issuing of voter cards. But with recent investigation aided by internet published 888 fraudulent names - which included names of people who were already registered voters, fictitious names, and the name of the late actor Paul Newman.

ACORN has been involved in helping hundreds of thousands of Florida citizens -- especially African-Americans, Latinos, low-income and young people -- to apply to become registered voters. They boast of having high quality control mechanisms and thus could easily trace out the fraudulent cases that occurred during this time. But unfortunately, issuing of active warrant cases is no new here. Based on previous reports, Washington State issued arrest warrants and came up with felony charges against several paid ACORN employees and supervisors for more than 1,700 fraudulent voter registrations. In March 2008, an ACORN worker in Pennsylvania was sentenced for making 29 phony voter registration forms. This issue depicts how employees of non- government organizations face arrest warrants. It can be clearly understood from this case the extent of fraudulence that goes around and within the State. Though arrest warrants have been charged against the real convicts, it can be very well understood that such people have quite a big hand in causing mishaps. So if your name strikes a resemblance with any of such convicts, precaution should be the major step taken to avoid yourself from getting arrested. Keep a good check over the internet database available pertaining to these issues.

Search for Active Arrest Warrants

Active Warrants in United States can be traced with the help of the national online database containing all possible information about such active warrants. These active warrants are registered with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). This particular database is accessible to the public and the law enforcement departments also use it. The Federal Bureau of Investigation maintains this database.

The database includes details on people who have extraditable warrants for committing a certain felony. It is may be so that you have a warrant and you don't even know about it. So it's better to check it out before the situation goes out of hand. So an active arrest warrant is that document which is issued by the court to summon the person to the court. Popular statistics say that more than 50% of the people who had been issued this warrant are arrested every year. This is a public record hence can be accessed by general mass. There are various websites that have the database of these records. You need to register with them in order to access the information. You need to search for this information also because this would help you check whether there are any active warrants against your name or not. Often in case of identity theft, people face such legal predicaments.

It is important for you to know whether any active warrants have been issued against your name. You may never know in the first place, that an active warrant has been issued against you for a minor issue like over speeding or default in payment of fines. For this you can conduct a simple search online for county active warrants and glance through the list of names that feature on the website. It is the easiest way to acquire relevant and accurate information. It is not advisable to go to the police in the first place. Rather you can check with the local courthouse.

As previously stated, internet provides a fast and easy remedy. Though free sites are available to browse though information but certainly, they lack in their resources. Registering yourself to a paid website is quite handy. Services provided by few esteemed ones are top-rated. The recruited brains behind these web sites have performed a thorough research work relating to public records, criminal background checks thus presenting accurate and up to date information regarding your queries.

The service provider boasts of a billion public records to browse through. Charged with an yearly subscription fee of $ 39.95, it provides resources regarding criminal background check searches, arrest warrant searches, arrest record searches, police record searches, etc. Comparing with other websites available, it stands out as the most economic service provider with user friendly features and unlimited searches of arrest warrants or even arrest records, inmate records, marriage records, death records, sex offender records, census records, court records, cell phone trace, plus exclusive access to criminal records, civil records, all-in-one background checks and more.

The list of active warrants can, therefore, help you in a multitude of ways. If you find someone new and suspicious in the locality, you can easily check online whether he is fugitive from the law. An affirmative hit on the warrants database for an active warrant will allow you to inform the authorities in a timely manner so that the criminal can be apprehended. It has been seen before that such criminals often take the guise of civilians and go under the employment of normal households to escape the clutches of law. Do you wish your family to house such a dangerous element? If not, use the Internet to your advantage.

You should take immediate actions if you find by chance an active warrant has been issued against your name. As soon as you come to know about the warrant, collect all important pieces of information regarding the reason for the issue. You should compile and keep a record of all those documents that would help you to prove that you are not guilty for the charges made against you. Wrapping off with this task, you should approach the court to resolve the case by appointing a judge for the concerned case. You can even approach the Defense Attorney who would help you to verify your state's criminal procedures and assist you file the documents necessary to clear up the arrest warrant. Follow the procedures minutely and you would be surely receiving a clean chit at the end of the day.