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Third Degree Sexual Assault

Third Degree Sexual Assault is considered to be a Class B felony, in most US states, as it involves forcible rape of an unwilling victim. This can be defined as having sexual intercourse with an individual without his or her acceptance by the use of brutal force. Information on 3rd Degree Sexual Assaults and criminals are available on the web therefore making it easier for the common man to know the implications of such a heinous crime. This can deter them from thinking of such an act, leave alone committing it.

The definition of third degree sexual assault varies from one state to another in the United States. In Wisconsin, this category of sexual assault is a Felony of Class G. The first time offenders of Felony are penalized for a fine of $25,000 and/or imprisoned for a minimum of ten years term. If the offender has committed the misdemeanor prior to this case, the term increases by two years. If the offender has a history of felony conviction, then the term may extend for six more years.

3rd Degree Sexual Assault Cases have been on the rise, as is evident from the US crime statistics. Like all criminal records, Third Degree Sexual Assault Records is also available for public use. This accessibility to the records is aimed at ensuring public safety.

As per the sexual assault records any kind of sexual attack is punishable under the Criminal Sexual Assault Act , code 720 ILCS 5/12-13. It is stated in the law that any can be convicted of such a crime if he or she commits any act of sexual insertion by using force or threat, commits any act of sexual insertion with victim who not able to understand the action or not able give any consent, commits any act of sexual insertion with a minor, commits any act of sexual insertion with a victim who is between 13 and 18 years and the accused is a relative to the victim. Other offenses under this category are intentional urination, defecation or ejaculation on covered or uncovered part of the victim. This is a criminal offence if the act is done potentially to harass and degrade the victim sexually.

Before knowing about different degrees of sexual assaults, you need to know what sexual assault is. Sexual contact without the consent of the partner is called sexual assault. It is important to remember that all sexual assault cases are not rape cases. Law streamlines the fine differences between sexual assault, their degrees and their respective penalties. Sexual assault of third degree is, in layman's words, rape. The penalty for this heinous act is imprisonment of 15 years. According to a recent survey, 84% of the assaulted women knew the culprit. Women rarely divulge the fact that they have been raped. Only 25% come up to admit the same. All this data should give you enough reason to keep your family protected.

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There may be various reasons why you want to check out Court Records involving Third Degree Sexual Assault. You may need assault records to cross reference applications for domestic helps, chauffeurs or the like. Or you may need to check the background records of someone new you are associating with at work. Either way, records of class B felonies such as third degree assaults indicate quite a serious criminal background for the person and as such contact of such people with yourself or your loved ones should be avoided. Hence it is up to you to keep your family safe by checking out sexual assault records online.