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West Virginia Sex Offender List

Situated in the Appalachian, Upland South and Mid-Atlantic regions the state of West Virginia is known for its natural beauty, logging, coal mining industries as well as outdoor games. Amidst all this happiness one cannot always live as care freely as one might want to. Just like in most of the US states this place is also infested with West Virginia sexual predators. According to the West Virginia Law the state code ?15-12 is allowed to work as per the Sex Offender Registration Act. The act in turn permits the government officials along with the residents of the state to view the West Virginia sex offender list .which is produced electronically. One can gather further details about the act by visiting the website.

The crime record of each West Virginia Sex Offender is verified and processed by registry personnel yet the police of the state do not guarantee the correctness of the result as because the registered convict could have altered some of his details without informing the state police. Therefore, before visiting their website for the West Virginia Crime Record one has to accept the risk of obtaining incorrect or not the latest information. If, according to your knowledge some accounts are incorrect then one is expectant to call the registry and inform them at 304-746-2133 or you can also email them at

The records contain the full name, date of birth, place of birth, current residence address, former residence address, contact number, details of the crime committed, date of conviction, jurisdiction of conviction, time of release from conviction, fingerprint reports, information about the vehicle used by the offender, physical details like weight, height, complexion, eye color and hair color, and the name of the officer under which the offender was convicted. It is the duty of the local law enforcement authorities to regularly update this information on the web so that the public can know all about a potential suspect who may be on the prowl in their neighborhood. One who has requested for a mail intimation of the recent updates in the list is informed of latest inclusions in the list. However, details about offenders who are registered for a period of ten years are not available directly to the public. For that one has to get an official order from the court and then go ahead.

As per statistics available till August 2009, the total number of sex offenders registered with the local law enforcement body was 3300. Of these almost 99% had complied with the restrictions imposed upon them during their conviction. There were 24 active warrants that were issued during this time.

There are several websites which now provide with West Virginia Sex Crime Directory. These websites give useful links to West Virginia Sex Crime Registries along with the lists of West Virginia's city and county's sexual offenders. Apart from this the websites also offer directories of the State's police and sheriff departments, Prison inmates directory, Crime statistics directory, Most wanted criminal directory, Terrorism resources directory, Deadbeat dads directory etc. These directories will help any common person to make a detailed search about any record related to sex or any kind of crime. For investigating about a particular person one just as to type his/her first and last name to get the desired results instantly and that too by sitting in the comfort of your home.

California, Florida, West Virginia and Arizona are the four states in the US that are successfully maintaining the "Megan's Law" pedophile register. With the help of West Virginia Pedophile Database residents of the state can keep a close watch on email ids and instant message screen names to find out if they are in West Virginia Sex Offender List . By this parent can find out whether their children are unknowingly chatting or contacting with a West Virginia sex criminal. This tracking can be done because legally the registered sex offenders are asked to provide their email Ids and instant messaging contacts. By this method the state's pedophile database will easily catch an offender who might be trying to make friendship with your loved ones and reduce the rate of West Virginia crimes. The other states of United States will soon be following this method to safeguard their residents.

For the use of private investigators, law enforcement employees, private people or parents now everybody can easily view sex offender records as well as West Virginia Court Records with an instant self-service online sex offender search. You can do a research on your friends, family, neighbors, prospective dates, office colleagues, birth records of family tree, marriage and divorce records, screening nannies, childcare workers and contractors, skip tracing, family history research and reports, analyze claims and judgment files, search fraud and related records of people to save yourself from identity theft, court cases, docket numbers and criminal records, trace a prisoner, confined convicts, and also those criminals who are sentenced, lastly these court records are also an effective way of finding missing loved ones, family and friends while sitting in the privacy of your home and without offending anybody.

These sites also can give information about life partners, potential workers; background checks of tenants to avoid hassles later, the records have military records, death records, social security records of people in any state. Look for a website which is legal and can offer multiple search tools such as arrest records, offender's name, conviction date, type of crime along with West Virginia court record search. These sites are paid but at an affordable rate. These websites have ensured that each and everyone can take care of their own safety and security.

Charleston is the capital as well as the largest city in the state of West Virginia, United States. The city has a sprawling population of 53,421 according to 2000 census. As per a research done in the year 2009 there were recorded to be 157 registered cases of Charleston sex crimes. The ratio of the number of residents as against the number of sex offenders Is 320 to 1. There are multiple websites which give a complete West Virginia Sex Offender List of these Charleston sexual offenders together with their name, address, crime and its level, date of birth, physical description such as eye color, hair color, height, weight, race, and the level of risk which shows the probability of the convict to repeat the Charleston sex crime again. With all the high-tech methods now concerned family members are now just a click away from finding sexual predators.