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South Carolina Sex Offender List

The South Carolina Sex Crime Records provides basic information on sex offenders over the age of 17 and minor offenders convicted of specific crimes defined by state law. The State Authority dedicates this South Carolina Sex Offender List to its residents by eliminating law enforcement functions, expanding searches and adding an interactive map. With these improvements, the government provides a much more useful service to the public in regards to South Carolina Sex Crimes.

Information also is provided for registered South Carolina Sex Offenders (age 16-12) committing the offenses listed below: Criminal sexual conduct in the first degree (paragraph 16-3-652 of Sex Offender Registry); Criminal sexual conduct in the second degree (paragraph 16-3-653); Criminal sexual conduct with minors, first degree (paragraph 16-3-655 (1)); Criminal sexual conduct with minors, second degree (paragraph 16-3-655(2) and (3)); Engaging a child for sexual performance (paragraph 16-3-810). Producing, directing, or promoting sexual performance by a child (paragraph 16-3-820); or Kidnapping (paragraph 16-3-910) is also considered as South Carolina Sex Offense.

The intent of this South Carolina Sex Crime Record is to promote the state's fundamental right to provide for the public health, welfare, and safety of its citizens. Notwithstanding this legitimate state purpose, these provisions are not intended to violate the guaranteed constitutional rights of those who have violated the nation's laws.

The South Carolina Sex Offender List will provide law enforcement with the tools needed in investigating criminal offenses. Statistics show that South Carolina Sex Offenders often pose a high risk of re-offending. Additionally, law enforcement's efforts to protect communities, conduct investigations, and apprehend offenders who commit sex offenses are impaired by the lack of information about these convicted offenders who live within the law enforcement agency's jurisdiction.

A statistics based research by The State Police reveals that most of the South Carolina Sex Criminals are originating in Columbia. Furthermore, it is mostly the Columbia Sex Criminals that actively participates in most of the Sex offences across the State. Jeremy Brent Adams (SRS #17855) is such a Sex Offender of Columbia accused of Assault/Intent of Committing Criminal Sex Con-3rd Degree with a 13 yr old in November, 2008.

In the journal published by the state police on South Carolina Sex Crime, it has been depicted that there has been a rise in South Carolina Sex Offenses owning to the increase in crimes in counties like Springfield, Chesterfield, Darlington and York.

It is very important that you keep yourself well informed about the sex offenders and there by protect yourself and your family members from the potential dangers associated with these sex offenders. Protect yourself from the predators. Predators are those who feel the urge of repeating the sexual crimes. The court of law punishes the convicts depending on the nature of their crimes. The websites dealing with criminal offences in South Carolina provides all he necessary information about the sex offenders. The records of the convicts who are considered to be potentially dangerous to the society include their name, physical status, date of arrest, their residential address and telephone numbers.