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Kentucky Sex Offender List

Sex offender registries are tools for the public and law enforcement to know about and monitor the identities, locations, and behaviors of convicted sex offenders in the community. Kentucky Sex offender List is a legal registry process in Kentucky State Jurisdictions designed to allow government authority as well as common people to keep track of the residence and activities of sex offenders in the State, including those who have completed their criminal sentences. The idea behind a publicly accessible sex offender registry is that if community members (especially parents of young children) can know of sex offenders' presence in their community they can take steps to prevent victimization of their family members.

This Kentucky Sex Offender Registry List contains the names of those persons in Kentucky who has been criminally charged and convicted of, or has pled "guilty? to a sex crime after July 15, 1994 and incarcerated or sentenced after July 15, 1998. Even if an individual is convicted of a sex crime or criminal offense against a victim who is a minor under federal law, military law or the laws of another state, territory or other country or designated as a Sexually Violent Predator under the laws of the same place, he is enlisted in the registry. These registry databases are frequently accessible to the public through the Internet. Sexual offenders of Kentucky are also classified into levels. The highest-level offenders generally must register as a sex offender for their entire lives, whereas low level offenders may only need to register for a limited time.

The Kentucky registry also provides a very good population for assessment of registrants based on type/length of registration and urban/non urban residence. The registry includes only two categories of registrants, those required to register for 10 years and those required to register for lifetime. This difference in registration period is used here as a proxy for risk level, Kentucky does not designate a "risk level? on the registry and does not engage in community notification.

The sex offenders of Kentucky are bound to fill up the sex offense forms if convicted by the court of their abuses register with the Department of Corrections or the Division of Probation and Parole. This information is then forwarded to the Kentucky State Police for inclusion in the database Offenders are not registered until they are released from prison, so the offender may still be incarcerated for the charge. The Kentucky Sex Offender List is then maintained by the Kentucky State Police. It is located on a publicly accessible internet website ( and reports an average of over 15,000 hits per month (reference Adams, 2002). The site is searchable via offender name, city, county, and zip code. Information about individual registrants includes name, date of registration, date of birth, address, sex, race, height, weight, eye color, hair color, conviction offenses, length of registration, whether the offender is compliant with reporting requirements, date of last update of information, and a photograph if available.

As a tool for monitoring offenders, registries are open to all, regularly updated listings of convicted sex offenders designed to allow community members to know about, to recognize, and to protect themselves from dangerous others.

Locate Kentucky Sex Offenders by City

The Kentucky State Police provides sex offender registration information to the public in aid with the County Kentucky Sex Offender List. With the growing amount of sex offences through out the state, the intent is to promote public safety and awareness by alerting possible victims of potential danger, not to punish or embarrass offenders. Profiles in standard cases list a standard physical description, aliases and a photograph.

State Of Kentucky Sex Offender List contains sex offenders in the categories of Counties as well as cities. Generally, the easiest way to search is by entering the minimum information needed. Typing information in only one of the search fields will give you the most results. For example, just entering the county name in the search field will list all offenders registered in that county. The growing number of records of the Kentucky Sex Offender Listing reflects how swiftly this sexual offence is turning into severe crimes. Looking through the major cities in Kentucky Sex offender List we find some stunning figures as far as Sex Offences are concerned.

The large city of Louisville counts up as many as 958 Sex cases in last 12 years. The list includes an 82 yrs. old Adams James C. (Reg. ID: 22360) of 12609 East Orell Rd #2 Louisville KY 40272 Jefferson County) who was registered in 08/05/2008 of 1st degree sexual abuse and also a young 24 years old Alexander Timothy Woods. The Kentucky Registered Sex Offender List reflects that there are people irrespective of sex, caste and religion. The big city of Frankfort counts up 68 offenders in recent years. The Sex Offender List in Kentucky records people like Fred Agyeman (reg. 9313) having severe offence of raping a 14 yrs. old minor. Aboudi Bashir (reg. 14493) of Kentucky Sex Offender List is also among those people who have been convicted of serious sex offending.The major city of Florence has a record of 50 charged sex offending cases in last 10 years. That includes Allen Gregory (Reg. 9231, 3rd degree abuse) to John Richards for committing sexual crimes; to name a few. There has been a recent increase in sex offenders in the city of Bowling Green. Schinthia Kay Schmidt (Reg. Id: 2034) of 6280 Barren River Road Bowling Green KY 42101 Warren County has been convicted of indulging in lewd activities with a 12 yrs old victim. The city of Lexington has more than 250 sexual offenders in recent times. Odessa Black (Reg. No: 4317) has been reported of having involved in a 3rd degree rape case with a minor of 15 years old.

Booked with Reg. Id of 2848, Craig Bigsby has been the biggest of all. He is reported of 3rd degree rape case with 11yr old minor, attempted 3rd degree sodomy twice apart from being involved in 4 sexual abuse cases.

Thus, the intent of the Kentucky Sex Offender List is make public aware of sex criminals. The database is made available to alert citizens of the state and is updated on a daily basis, except for weekends and state holidays. With thousands of public sex offender records of Kentucky which are easily accessible, you can locate any sex offender in you locality and safeguard your community from their menace.