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Sex Crimes

Sexual assault, or sex crime can generally be described as a sexual act between persons performed either against the will of the other or without the other persons legal consent. Varying degrees of sex crimes have been defined to encompass all ranges of sexual offenses from sexual misdemeanor to rape.

Sexuality and sexual behavior is an integral part of man's existence as a social animal. By nature human beings has a natural attraction towards the opposite sex and this is the basis of human creation on Earth, But there are some people who use the divine gift of reproduction in a wrong way. They misuse the act of sex and sex-initiating matters, which lead to sex crimes throughout the world. Hence is the necessity to regulate sexual behavior or by man- made laws. The laws for sex related crimes vary from one place to the other.

Sexual act is something very personal but there are certain acts that are strictly prohibited by juridical laws. Such acts are called sexual crimes. While engaging in a sexual act one should go by the standards of modesty and consent of the other person. The age of consent is nowhere noted down in statutes of legislature. The consent age can vary in accordance to varied jurisdictions. Generally the average age of consent ranges from 16 years to 18 years. Even there are some places that prohibit any sort of sexual act prior to a legal marriage. In fact some jurisdiction does not favor illicit viewing of sexual activities. There are laws which regulate and controls censorship of obscene material or pornography in any medium. Incest or sexual activity with relatives is seen as a crime in the eye of jurisdiction in some places.

Western culture has a more tolerant disposition in acts of sexuality. Oral sex, which is traditionally opposed by some cultures, is seen as normal activity.

Government authorities employ the help of sex offender lists to keep track of the residence and activities of sex offenders, including those who have completed their criminal sentences, as a measure against sex crimes in the country. Crimes requiring mandatory sex offender registration include child sexual abuse, downloading child pornography, and rape. It is always advisable to any person or business to check the background of a person before providing employment or establish a relationship. In the United States, information in the registry is made available to the general public via a website or other means to verification and checking of a person's background.

In the United States Megan's Law was passed in the year 1996. It is a federal law that empowers the local law enforcing agents to notify people of sex offenders who are residing in a community or are mingling with residents as workers or visitors. This federal law came into existence with the horrifying case of a rape and murder of Megan Kanka, a girl hailing from New Jersey by a child molester.

A sexual assault is considered to be of the first degree when in the course of committing sexual abuse, the person causes another serious injury. Damages that can be considered ?serious injury' include infliction of disabling mental illness, bodily injury which either creates a substantial risk of death, causes serious permanent disfigurement, or the loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ. Being a Class-A Felony, punishment of First Degree sex crimescomes in the form of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Fourth degree sexual assaulters are characterized by inappropriately touching others' bodies, or violation of a person's personal space. Fourth degree sexual assault is often called molestation. It is defined as a Class-A misdemeanor, and is punishable by a fine up to 10,000 USD, or imprisonment for up to 9 months, or both. However, for a repeat offender, the term of imprisonment may increase up to 2 years.

A person may be accused of Second Degree sexual assault if he commits sexual act while displaying a dangerous weapon in a threatening manner. A second degree sexual assaulter also uses force or threatening that creates a substantial risk of death to any person. Though actual injury is not necessary, a real danger of death or serious threatening is enough to mark a person as a second degree sexual assaulter. A Class-B forcible felony, second degree sex crime punishment is a mandatory prison sentence of 25 years, and the individual must serve 70% of his or her time before even being eligible for parole.

An individual is said to have committed a Third Degree Sexual Assault if he engages in sexual acts against another by force or against the will, not rising to the level of First or Second Degree, or if the alleged victim is incapable of giving consent. The incapability of the victim's consent may be attributed to conditions where the victim is a minor, or is suffering from a mental defect or incapacity. Sexual Abuse in the 3rd Degree is a Class-C Felony carrying with it a 10 year term of imprisonment.