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Class B Misdemeanor

As per the US federal law, misdemeanors are considered to be lesser crimes than felonies. An individual convicted of a misdemeanor needs to serve a shorter prison term, unlike a felony sentence. There are various categories of misdemeanor offences namely Class A misdemeanor, Class B Misdemeanor and Class C Misdemeanor. Detailed information on these categories of misdemeanors is found on the web. You can check out the state specific laws on the web as well to know what the statutes in your state of residence ordain.

Class B Misdemeanor sentence is imposed if convicted of a criminal trespassing charge, eluding a detention or an arrest warrant or a drunk while intoxicated (DWI) charge. If you possess information about class B misdemeanor and its consequences, you can try and avoid circumstances which may land you up in trouble.

Class B Misdemeanor in United States is a criminal charge that is a lesser offense than felony but people convicted of such a crime have to comply with the penalties imposed on them. Though this sentence is of a lesser intensity than a felony sentence, it is imposed for anything more serious than regulatory offences. The penalty imposed for committing a Class B misdemeanor usually include an imprisonment for a fixed number of days or a fine which can be variable and depends on the State laws. For some cases both the penalties can be imposed on the convict.

There is a big difference between felony and misdemeanor imprisonment. For a misdemeanor the convict is imprisoned in jail under the local jurisdiction or the county jurisdiction. But in case of the felonies the convict is imprisoned in a federal prison.

While misdemeanors are certainly lesser crimes when compared to felonies, they still remain punishable and may result in your name being tainted forever. Expungement of your misdemeanor records is one way of making sure that your conviction record remains hidden from the public eye. The juvenile records are, however, sealed automatically by every state of the United States, making it possible for its citizens to start afresh.

Driving while intoxicated is a typical Class B Misdemeanor in the State of New Hampshire. Unlike most other states of the United States, the law of New Hampshire automatically assumes that you will give your consent to be tested for alcohol by means of a blood, urine or breathalyzer test, if you drive on the public road ways of the state. The penalties imposed for a Class B Misdemeanor while not being severe, can still hamper your life in a number of ways. You could very well lose your driving license for a period of 9 months to two years if you are an adult above the age of 21. However, the law is harsher for minors and you may be deprived of your driving rights if you are below 16 years of age. While you may escape imprisonment if this is your first offence, you will certainly not be spared from monetary penalties.

A fine of $500 as well as a 20% penalty assessment will be charged on you. The impaired driver intervention program will also have to be completed by you. Installing ignition interlock devices in your car or cars as the case may well be, is another step taken by the law to see that you do not repeat your misdemeanor. You will also be charged for the installation as well as all maintenance expenses pertaining to the interlocking devices.

The laws of Texas consider possessing of Marijuana as a criminal offense and have a set of specific laws for people caught with Marijuana. A person is liable to be charged with Class B Misdemeanor if he is found to possess 2 ounces or less of the drug. Gift of Marijuana is also considered an offence and constitutes a misdemeanor of Class B again if the amount in question is 0.25 ounces or less. The punishment for possessing or selling of Marijuana is slightly severe than other types of Class B misdemeanors. A $2000 fine along with a minimum of 180 days in jail is imposed without any exception in accordance with the Marijuana laws of Texas. The State government is concerned about the welfare of its citizens and any person caught with Marijuana within 1000 feet from a school is usually treated with greater severity.

The State of New York is more concerned with fraudulent usage of credit cards. The severity of the crime committed is determined by the classification of the offences. A Class B misdemeanor for committing a credit card fraud may be punishable by up to three months of jail time in case of first time offences. The same punishment is imposed if the offender commits a repeat act of credit card fraud which amount to both violent as well as non-violent predicates.

Patronizing prostitution is a typical offense inviting a Class B misdemeanor penalty in Tennessee. While the offence and the penalty attached with it may not amount to much, it can prove to be an embarrassing problem indeed. Various social implications may add further to your misfortunes if you are caught with the patronizing prostitution misdemeanor within the limits of Tennessee. Losing your source of income or your vehicle may cause you even more grief. Committing the offence within 100 feet of a church or near a school compound may well enhance the nature of your crime. It will be treated as Class A in such cases.

Class B Misdemeanor Court Records

According to US Department of Justice, the penalty of Class B Misdemeanors is imprisonment of a maximum period of six months and a minimum of one month. But there are differences in the amount charged as fine in every state. In Texas, the first time convict of this category has to pay $2,000. This is the highest limit for the fine and the span of imprisonment is same as set by Department of Justice. If the convict is found to have repeated the crime, then is imprisonment period is less than three months and more than one month. On the other hand, in Wisconsin, the fine amount is $1000 and the jail term is three months.

Once you have enough knowledge about a Class B Misdemeanor, you'll be able to judge for yourself whether you want someone with such a charge associating with you. Hence, whenever you perform background checks to verify a person's authenticity, go through the databases categorizing people convicted for Class B Misdemeanors. If you find a hit, you can decide any future course of action based on this knowledge. There are a lot of people out there with such criminal backgrounds. Timely and free information on the internet ensures that you can do your best to avoid their clutches.

Apart from conducting background checks, searching for Class B Misdemeanor records can also provide a legal student with valuable data. The availability of all kinds of criminal records on the Internet goes a long way in saving precious time and energy. No longer do you have to go through literally yards and yards of paper while seeking information in order to conduct your research. However, in spite of the technological advances made so far, it still remains impossible to search through a single database for all comprehensive records from every state of the United States.

The FBI database does indeed contain a wide variety of misdemeanor information but the catch lies in the fact that it is not accessible to the general people. Entering the National criminal records center is a crime and illegal access also becomes a punishable offence. The best way of gaining access to all relevant misdemeanor records pertaining to Class B is by going through each and every local state resource. However, most states will allow you to access only records of those misdemeanants who have been convicted. The State authorities almost always seal off juvenile records and any search for obtaining these records may prove to be futile.

Going through the county databases may prove to be more successful especially if you are interested in minor offences which results in a Class B Misdemeanor conviction. You can also search through the county directories which maintain a profile on every convicted offender. Viewing the photographs and the addresses of the released offenders may help you in taking adequate security measures.