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As far as Crimes and Misdemeanors are concerned, the United State of America considers Misdemeanors as lesser crimes unlike felonies. Misdemeanor Charges are normally punishable by less than a year of imprisonment. This is the normal rule followed by the Federal system as well as most of the States of United States. Usually only persons guilty of committing a Misdemeanor twice or more times are sent to jail. Otherwise they are let off with a monetary fine. Petty theft, prostitution, vandalism and trespassing are typical examples of Misdemeanors crimes.

If an individual is charged with misdemeanor and the charge is proven to be true, there is no loss in his or her civil rights. This implies that the individual would not lose his or her rights because he or she has been proven guilty of a misdemeanor. However if the misdemeanor is directly related to certain aspect of his or her life, any number of privileges that the person enjoys can be taken away. An example is enough to make this clear. If a cab driver is charged with drunk driving his or her driving license can be cancelled as a punishment.

It may not be possible to search for a list of persons convicted of misdemeanors directly from the State website. A nation wide background search will, however, reveal the details of a Misdemeanor with ease. You can also check the penalty information of the accused from such searches conducted online. Some Misdemeanor charges may include probation or community service instead of incarceration. You may also find instances of imprisonment on weekends for people committing misdemeanors.

A Misdemeanor is divided into several classes on basis of the crimes committed. Punishment for different class Misdemeanors vary widely. A Class A Misdemeanor usually attracts a fine of $10,000 or a jail term of up to nine months or both depending on the severity of the crime. Any person guilty of repeating the offense can be imprisoned for two years instead of the customary nine months. You can look through the public databases available online if you want to retrieve details of a Misdemeanor. About 29 of the States of America have a central database for storing their criminal data. Most criminal records pertaining to Class A Misdemeanors may be found here. However, it is not wise to confine your search to State databases alone as they may not be able to provide you with juvenile records or records that have been expunged by the State.

The penalty for a Class B Misdemeanor is usually light as compared to the Class A. Either a fine of $1,000 or a prison term of 90 days is usually conferred on the Misdemeanant. Both may be applied simultaneously if the person convicted is a repeat offender. The prison term may also go up to a period of two years in such cases.

Although the State databases contain information about serious offenders, you may find a few Class B misdemeanors listed there too. Searching County court records may prove to be more effective if you want to look for only Class B Misdemeanors. Details of court ordinances, arrests and warrants can provide you with the necessary information. You can also check out the photograph of the offender if you want to do a thorough background check of the person in question.

A fine of $500 or a month's imprisonment is usually imposed for a Misdemeanor Class C. Both the fine and imprisonment term may also be imposed on the offender depending on the verdict of the court. Repeat offenders are expected to serve up to two years of imprisonment for Class C Misdemeanor. Misdemeanants are usually imprisoned in a local or county prison instead of a federal prison normally reserved for a convicted felon. It is best to search through the court records in order to validate a Class C Misdemeanor. Municipal courts normally try the class C Misdemeanors and you would have to go through all the court proceeding records if you want to get valid information about Misdemeanors belonging to Class C.

Misdemeanor related information can be gathered using a number of methods. The different classes of misdemeanor and the offenses that are within each class have numerous details. All these details can be availed from the concerned authorities. However if you wish to track down all information related to misdemeanor and its classes, the best place to look for is the Internet. Online searches give you the opportunity to know all about the offenses that are classified as misdemeanors and what are the probable punishments.

The individuals charged and convicted of misdemeanors are known as misdemeanants. All the case details form part of the criminal court records and as per the US federal laws, are accessible to the public. These records are put to a number of uses. Any research related to the misdemeanor offenses requires details of the statistics. With the availability of the misdemeanor records the researchers find a easy way to know all about the details of misdemeanor cases filed throughout US. State specific misdemeanor records are also available.

PACER or Public Access to Court Electronic Records is the best when it comes to accessing criminal records. Each misdemeanor case filed in US is part of the criminal court records and is thus part of the official court documents. The PACER system is easily accessible and all you need to do is pay a nominal fee for availing the records. The search reveals the name and profile of the individual concerned, the case details, the offense the punishment given, the lawyers concerned, the judge who dealt with the case and so on.

Before associating with an individual it is always a good idea to check for his or her background. Suppose a chauffeur needs to be appointed and you want to check whether he has any reckless driving charges against him. All you need to do is to check for the misdemeanor records and know for sure.