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Class C Felony Records

The Class C felony definition of the Unites States says that a person charged with this Class C felony can have prison sentence on more than one year. But the sentence cannot exceed more than 10 years. The felony classes in the United States include, Class A Felony, Class B Felony, Class C Felony, Class D felony, Class F Felony, Class G Felony, Class H felony and Class I Felony offenses. Felony charges include aggravated assault, battery, arson, burglary, illegal drug use or drug sales, grand theft, robbery, murder, and rape. The number of classes and their corresponding crimes varies depending on state legislature. In this article we will be discussing what is Class C Felony and the associated punishments. In the Class C Felony of the federal law the convicted can be fined within a range of $1000 up to $ 10,000. For a repeat offender, with prior felony or misdemeanor convictions the prison term may increase up to two years to six years depending on the severity of the offense. However, whether he will be convicted or he will be fined or imprisoned will depend upon the nature of his crime and the judgment.

The sentences of the felony cases depend on the Sentencing Reform Act of 1981. The objective of the Sentencing Reform Act of 1981 was to make the criminal justice system accountable to the public. A sentencing structure was developed to serve as a guideline for the judiciary. The structured sentencing system was designed to ensure that the punishment for an offense is proportionate to the gravity of the crime and takes into consideration the criminal history of the offender, promote respect for the law, provide punishment that is just, protect the public, to make sure that the imposed punishment is commensurate with punishments imposed on other criminals who have committed a similar crime, provide an opportunity for the offender to reform himself, and make effective use of the states scarce resources. This Sentencing Reform Act was established in order to determine the seriousness of the felony offense and thus different levels have been created from level I to level XVI, where level I offense Is treated as the less serious offense created. The convicted is punished and scored according to this level. The score of the offender is determined In accordance with the type and level of his prior misconducts.

The Class C felony punishment is not as serious as its counterparts. The Class C felony penalty can be quite ruthless if the offender has already had prior charges of Class C felony. The Class C felony includes punishment for crimes such as drunk driving, robbery, second degree sexual assault, arson, vehicular homicide, intoxication, second degree rape and sexual offense, assault with deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury, adulterated food, drugs, intent to cause serious injury or death, kidnapping in the first degree, embezzlements, etc.

Class C Felony

The federal law of the United States of America authorizes the courts to give judgments on Imprisonment sentences or fines or sometimes both to the convicted criminal. While sentencing a criminal the court must specify the terms and tenure of the incarceration. The Class C felony state that the judge should also specify and set the amount of fines that the convict will need to bear. There are some Class C felonies that have mandatory sentence in its minimum or maximum range. These sentences have already been set by the federal law. But sometimes it also happens that the judge decides on giving a higher sentence than the normal maximum level or vice versa. If the convicted already had been sentenced in Class C felony previously then the court may decide on maximizing his sentence. Repeated offense may also result in maximizing the sentence of fines and imprisonment.

There are some specific sentencing guidelines that have been introduced by the federal government to ensure rightful and just judgment. Every year an approximate of 1400 felons are being sentenced following these guidelines of the federal law. As a result of these sentencing guidelines the probation release has been put to stop and thus most of the prisoners now serve their complete jail term or most of it. The sentences of the class C felony in the federal law is followed and imposed according to the 'grid' because of the severity and seriousness of the offense.

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It is vital to run a background check on any person before we employ them, or get into a partnership- personal or business, or entrust them to take care of our loved ones, in order to eliminate the risk of them being charged with a felony in the recent past. Under the common law systems felony is considered as a more serious offense than misdemeanors. You can perform a search of all classes of felonies including Class C Felonies through several websites. These websites have search methods that can track innumerable sources, public databases, as well as proprietary search databases. You can download and view these Class C felony records sitting at home. However, record-keeping vary from court to court. Class C Felony state records can also be retrieved conveniently from a trusted online records information provider.