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DUI Arrests

The full form of DUI is Driving Under Influence of alcohol or any drugs. Driving while intoxicated or drunk driving are offenses of similar category. DUI arrests are made if upon checking a driver's blood alcohol content is found to be more than 0.08% then he or she is charged with DUI. It has been observed that maximum number of road accidents occur due to DUI whereas 39% of motor vehicle related deaths are due to drunk driving. According to DUI law if, a person has more than 0.08% of alcohol in his blood under such circumstances one is not supposed to drive a car, bicycle, boat, airplane, wheelchair, tractor or horse. It is also against the law to keep an open can of alcohol in the drivers or passenger's part of the vehicle.

In the United States of America, some states have declared it as statutory offences. One of them is of course DUI or driving under influence and the other one is DWI or driving while intoxicated or impaired. In a worst-case scenario, an individual can be convicted of both these offenses but the punishment may only be given for any one of the two. However, not all states have uniform laws for DUI arrests. It may differ from one state to another. The example of the state of Wisconsin be may be cited in this context. According to the law of the state, first offence DUI arrests are regarded as forfeiture.

DUI offences are generally categorized as misdemeanors. Conviction in such an offence can lead to the individual serving a year's imprisonment. If it is put under the category of a felony then the prison term can extend up to a period of more than a year. It is categorized as a felony, if the drunken individual while driving injures a victim or is responsible for the death of an individual or for that matter causes grave damage to property. If the individual is involved in prior DUI arrests, then the sentence is equivalent to what is given in a felony charge.

Access DUI Arrests and Related Court Records

DUI arrests records and related court records can now be tracked online. Apart from DUI records, one can also search for criminal driving records, and other public arrest records. One just has to provide the person's first name, last name, middle name, city, age and state to find out if he or she has ever been arrested for DUI. Without shelling out hundreds of dollars for private investigation or filling lengthy forms or wasting hours standing in queues one can very conveniently obtain as well as verify DUI arrests records. Unlimited entrée to county, federal and state DUI records can be acquired via several private and government websites.

DUI Punishments

If, one is arrested for DUI then the punishments for the offense will differ from state to state and county to county. The penalty may also depend on the fact that whether the crime is a first offense and if or not any newly amended rule is to be applied. Usually a person who has committed a first offense will be sentenced with fine, probability of imprisonment or social service, constraint of driver's license, as well as it is compulsory for the offender to participate in an alcohol and drug education, awareness program. For a person who has made second or multiple DUI offense is sure to serve imprisonment, together with attending an alcohol and drug education of a longer duration. Other than these some additional punishments include participation in AA get-together, fixing of an ignition interlock device, and confiscation of the lawbreaker's vehicle. For DUI arrests it is very crucial to contact with a criminal defense lawyer immediately. A professional lawyer can help to minimize or provide alternatives to imprisonment such as drug psychotherapy, restrained living surroundings, electronic tracking, house arrest, loss of job, unpaid work leave, social service, pavement labor, taking off graffiti etc.

Enhancement of penalty in DUI

A person's penalty is increased depending on certain situations of DUI though it too depends on DUI laws of each state. Some of the offenses are presence of a child while the driver is committing a DUI, if a drunken person is speeding 20-30 mph above the given limit, BAC test is higher than 0.20%, physical injury or destruction of asset or accident due to DUI, if the driver convicted of DUI is less than 21 years of age, second offense of DUI, denying for a BAC or urine or breath test of a alleged DUI.