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Criminal Court Records

When a person is suspected of committing a crime and there is a certain amount of incriminating evidence, an arrest may be made by the authorities to remove that person from society. Arrested criminals are eventually produced in front of a court of law for a fair trial. Hence arrests records are a good way to ascertain a person's background. Arrest records are kept in the same way as any other criminal court record.

Felonies are serious crimes that generally warrant an imprisonment sentence of one year or more. Many different types of crimes can be classified under felony. It includes but is not limited to serious assault, theft, illegal drug use or trafficking and even grave offences such as murder or rape. Since anyone accused of felony generally goes through a full prosecution, you will need to search criminal courthouse records of higher branches of the judiciary, such as county courts. You may find relevant information in the criminal court records here.

Misdemeanors form a major category of crimes when one checks the records of criminal court cases. Misdemeanors indicate cases where the offender's behavior has been less than ideal. However, it is the least serious of all criminal offenses. In general, misdemeanor cases only result in minor punishment. First time offenders often get off with fines and warnings. In certain cases, privileges such as a driving license or the like might be revoked. Municipal courts generally deal with misdemeanors and hence that is where you should start looking for such records.

Sex crimes are viewed with extreme seriousness by the legal system of the United States. Cases of rape and sexual assault are dealt with quite harshly and given strict punishment. When performing a criminal court search, a record of sex crimes against a particular person speaks very badly of his behavioral history.

Another place to look when checking out a person's possible criminal background is the record of warrants issued. This can also be found online with little trouble. Warrants issued may be for the arrest of a person charged with a crime or search warrants, which give the authorities the permission to search a person's premises for proof of crime. Since warrants are generally issued by courts, such records also form a part of criminal court records.

Special juvenile courts mete out justice to underage offenders. Detailed records of such cases are kept and can be accessed online as well. A free criminal court records search may reveal a history of juvenile crime against a particular person. While these criminal court records may be useful to ascertain the background of a person, the fact that the crimes were conducted at a very young age without full awareness of the consequences must be kept in mind.