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Wisconsin Court Appeals

The Wisconsin Court Appeals are heard by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. This is the intermediate court for Wisconsin Court Appeals and ranks below the Supreme Court of the State. Wisconsin Circuit Court of Appeals is spread out through the four districts of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Supreme Court appoints the Chief Judge of the court of appeals. The Chief Judge manages the administrative affairs of the court apart from presiding over the Wisconsin Court of Civil Appeals and hearing Wisconsin Court Criminal Appeals. His term lasts for three years. The chief judge of the Court of Appeals is responsible for appointing the presiding judges of the four districts of Wisconsin who take on these duties for a two year term.

The primary function of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals like any high-volume intermediate courts is to correct errors that had occurred at the circuit court level. The published opinions of the court become binding precedent unless they are overruled by the Supreme Court. Thus the Wisconsin Court of Appeals has the capacity to define and develop laws.The merits of an appeal is decided by a panel comprising of three judges.However, there are several categories of cases that are decided by a single judge. These are- traffic regulation violations, small claims actions, mental health, municipal ordinance violations juvenile, contempt and misdemeanor cases. Wisconsin Court of Appeals issues a written decision in every case. But which of these will be published is decided by the publication committee of the court. Once a decision is published, it serves as precedential authority. However no testimony is taken in the Court of Appeals instead the Court of Appeals relies on the records and the written briefs of the parties, filed in the circuit court. The Court of Appeals also hears oral arguments when the judges find it to be useful to their decision. The court of appeals can request the Supreme Court for taking over the jurisdiction of certain court cases. These cases are known as certifications. The certifications are also displayed on the official court site of Wisconsin until an opinion is issued. The Supreme Court also has the authority to turn down the request for taking over Wisconsin Court Cases. All certifications since March 1997 are available on the official web site.

Verify Wisconsin Appeals Court Records

All Wisconsin Court Appeals including the Wisconsin Criminal Appeals, civil appeals as well as Wisconsin County Appeals can be verified by using online resources. You can access the Wisconsin Court Records from the official website of Wisconsin courts. What is important is that accessing the database is anonymous and secure which implies that you can browse through and retrieve the details without revealing your identity. You can however, view only opinions released since June 1995.

You can search the entire court database for Wisconsin Records by conducting a simple keyword search. The search box allows you to enter either the case number or a specific phrase related to your case. Searching by keyword may take some time as the program searches the entire lot of Court of appeal documents in order to return a satisfactory result. You can also conduct a database search by entering the specific fields within the search boxes. This is particularly helpful when you know the docket number, release date or the method of disposition. The results are often more accurate when you conduct a database search.

A new management system is in used for more effective searching now. The docket number issued by the Wisconsin court of appeals now starts with the year of hearing followed by the first two characters of the word 'appeals' i.e. AP and the case number. You just need to use the changed format even when looking for opinions older than 2005. You may also retrieve all opinions released on a specific date by just typing in the date. A date range will return a larger number of opinions but you can try out this option if you are ignorant of the actual date. You just need to type in the first four characters of a party or business name. This procedure is particularly helpful if you don't have an idea of the exact spelling. You need to select the relevant district for retrieving the court of appeals documents.

Most of the information available online is authentic and recent in origin. The WSCCA, however, does not give a warranty for accuracy. If you have doubts, it is best to contact the office of the clerk of the courts of appeal. You can also obtain documents and information not available in the website from the clerk's office.