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Washington Court Appeals

The court of appeals in the state of Washington is the intermediate appellate court of the state. The Washington court of appeals is mainly divided into three major divisions. These three divisions have three districts each. Thus it makes a total of nine districts in the state of Washington. The Washington court of appeals is a non-discretionary court of appeals. This means that the court must hear all the Washington court appeals that gets filed with it. This also makes the court accept and hear all Washington court cases. They cannot say no to any case filed under the court. This is a difference from the Washington state Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has the right to decide and reject an appeal made to it.

There are around twenty-two judges in the court of appeals of Washington. The districts in elections of non-partisan elect these judges for a term of six years. If by any reason one of the seats of judge gets vacant before the election then the governor of the state of Washington appoints an interim judge. The procedure of the election is staggered. This enables one third of the districts to have an election at even numbered years. After the twenty-two judges get appointed, they elect a Chief Judge from among themselves. This process is done annually. There are various criterions that need to be fulfilled to become a judge of the Washington court appeals. But the most important criterion is that the judge must reside in that particular district of the state of Washington from which he is representing. He should also have to practice law in the state of Washington for five years.

The Washington court of appeals hears different types of cases. The court mostly hears cases related to Washington court civil appeals. But at times the court also hears cases of Washington court criminal appeals. The judges decide on the hearing and give judgment on the Washington criminal appeals and Washington county appeals.

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