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Utah Court Appeals

The Utah court appeals was first formed in the year 1987 as an appellate court in the United States of America. It is an intermediate appellate court in the state of Utah. The Utah court appeals hears every appeal that comes in from the district and Juvenile courts of the state. But it does not look into cases which includes small claims of the district courts. The appeals court of the state of Utah hears appeals that involves the cases of domestic relations such as divorce, division of private property, annulment of marriage, child support, child custody, paternity, adoption, visitation rights and certain criminal cases which of course does not include severe charges like first degree felonies or may require capital punishments.

The Utah circuit court of appeals hears both Utah court criminal appeals and Utah court civil appeals. The Utah court of appeals hears cases from the administrative proceedings that are filed by various state agencies. This includes the Department of Employment Security Career Service Review Board and the Utah Industrial Commission. All the cases filed by them are heard in the Court of Appeals of Utah. If the Supreme Court of Utah transfers any case then it is heard in the Utah court of appeals.

Utah Court Procedures

The Utah appellate courts follow a specific procedure while hearing any case. The panel of the Utah appellate court hears the oral arguments of a case within third of fourth week of a month. The judges of the Utah court appeals together have a conference where they discuss the issues that have been raised in the case that they heard. To write the opinion of the appeal court one judge from the panel is assigned. In addition to the oral argument panel of judges the appellate court appoints three judges who preside over the law and motion panel. This panel decides on the substantive and procedural motions. They hear cases on one day in every month.

The Utah court of civil appeals has their sessions in the Salt Lake City. However the appellate court moves from place to place around the state of Utah several times in a year to hold sessions. The court holds a rotating panel of judges who renders judgments. Not all seven members of the panel can sit at once, thus it is prohibited.

Find Utah Court of Appeals Records

The details of the Utah county appeals and the Utah court cases are available on the internet. If you wish to verify and access any Utah court records you will get it in various websites that provides you with complete information. These websites not only provides on Utah civil appeals but it also provides information on Utah criminal appeals. The website contains detailed information of every case that has been filed in the court of appeals in the state of Utah. The Utah records are maintained properly in these websites. They are updated as and when required.

A good place to start your search for records of Utah court appeals is the Public Access to Court Electronic Records or PACER program. This program allows you to access court records from any court across the country in the electronic format. All courts across the country maintain their own databases containing documentation of the cases that were adjudicated by them. The PACER program allows you to access these records by granting you access to search these databases. In order to start using PACER, you need to perform a onetime registration. Costs are nominal for the procedure, only about 8 cents. Once registered, you will be suitably redirected to the database of the court you wish to search.

Extensive research on records of court appeals in Utah can also be done through the National Archives. While the National Archives mostly maintain paper based records, electronic records can also be found and requested. In case you are dealing with research or background checks that amount to hundreds of records, you can also hire a researcher to do the work for you. There are two types of researchers available for a fee; independent researchers or people associated with the National Archives and Records Administration. They can handle bulk research for you at affordable rates. You can also request specific court records from the NARA by filling up the various order forms that are available online. They can be delivered electronically, through e-mail or through conventional post. Charges are generally at 90 cents per page. A certified copy attracts certification charges of about $15.