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Texas Court Appeals

Texas is a vast state in the US and hence the number of appeals filed against cases in the state is also enormous. However, only one authority handles all the Texas Court Appeals; The Texas Circuit Court of Appeals. It includes the Texas Court of Civil Appeals as well the court for appeals against criminal cases. If the court decides to accept an appeal, then the existing judgment, given by a lower court, is reviewed. Simultaneously, the court itself along with the relevant details of the parties keeps records of all such appeals involved.

The Court of Appeals of Texas is the intermediate level court in the judicial system of the state. There is one appellate court for each of the fourteen judicial districts of the state of Texas. Be it Texas court criminal appeals or civil appeals, the Texas Court of Appeals has the power to decide over each of these cases. The cases are forwarded to the appellate courts in the state if the decision of the lower trial courts proves to be dissatisfactory for any of the parties involved. They can take their appeal for a review of the verdict of the lower courts to the Texas court of appeals.

Texas Court Civil Appeals under the Texas Court of Appeals deals with the court appeals pertaining to the civil case filed under the State of Texas. The State of Texas has 14 different Texas Court Appeals and these are assigned with the intermediate appellate jurisdiction for handling appeals pertaining to both civil and criminal cases. A panel consisting of 3 judges until the clause of en banc is ordered against the appeal hears any case for appeal. The cases pertaining to the murder or any other criminal offense is automatically appealed at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

There are about fourteen Courts of Appeals that have appellate jurisdiction in Texas Criminal Appeals as well as Civil appeals. They can arise from District as well as County Courts. These 14 courts have different geographical locations as their jurisdiction in the state. In each court of every jurisdiction, the statute decides the number of justices and generally it ranges from 3 to 13. For the records of Texas Court Cases there are online sources that can take you to the archives of cases as old as 15 years. With the help of internet connection and a computer, you can easily access that.

Research Texas Court of Appeals Records

Texas Court Appeals are documented and preserved for further reference. These records, like all US court records, are available to the public for use. All Texas County Appeals are also within the jurisdiction of the same. However, certain special case details are not available to everyone. The court maintains online databases that make it easier to locate a particular appellate case file. The government websites offer this information for free. Sometimes you need to pay a nominal fee if you are downloading case details. For example, the PACER program for accessing electronic court records charges a nominal 8 cents for registration to the service. Numerous commercial websites also offer this information, but for these you need to register with them as well.