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Tennessee Court Appeals

Tennessee Court Of Appeals was formed by General Assembly in the year 1925; according to US law and court system, Tennessee Court Of Appeals reviews and recommends the decisions of trial courts and the decisions passed by state courts and law-commissions. Tennessee Court of appeals are passed and recommended for further and ultimate decision of Supreme Court. Tennessee Court Appeals are comprised of cases under Tennessee Circuit Court of Appeals, Tennessee Court of Civil Appeals, and Tennessee Court Criminal Appeals.

The Court of Appeals is comprised of 12 judges, who sit in pre-decided panel of three. In three locations the judges' panels sit for hearings. These three locations are Knoxville, Jackson, and Nashville. All decisions have the provision for further appeal to the Supreme Court of Tennessee by own default. Tennessee Court Of Appeals, unlike Tennessee County cases and State Appeals, do not allow the inclusion of witnesses, testimonies, or juries, attorneys coordinate written and oral arguments.

Following the conventions of Tennessee Supreme Court and Tennessee Court Criminal Appeals member of the Tennessee Court Of Appeals are elected for 12-year term and at the end of the term, must be evaluated; evaluation, by the state law, are to be published in newspapers across the whole state in order to help the voters to decide on the issue of retention of dismissal of the judges.

Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals is one of the intermediate appellate courts of Tennessee. It hears and reviews Tennessee Criminal Appeals from trial court of Tennessee County, and post-conviction petitions. Tennessee Court of Civil Appeals hears and reviews the civil cases from trial courts of district, county, and state levels and recommends for the decision of Supreme Court. However, all decisions for capital cases are escalated for further appeal automatically without any further formal petition.

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