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South Dakota Court Appeals

The Supreme Court is the final appellate court for hearing of all South Dakota Court Appeals . The Court Of Appeals of South Dakota serves as an intermediate court for hearing of South Dakota Court Appeals and has jurisdiction over all lower courts including South Dakota County courts. The opinion of the South Dakota Court Of Appeals can also prevail over a few designated federal courts and administrative agencies.

South Dakota Circuit Court of Appeals has been empowered to handle all appeals constituting of both civil and criminal cases. South Dakota Court Criminal Appeals may include all felonies and ordinance violation cases. The State Court Of Appeals also hears a few misdemeanor case appeals. However, Appeals for South Dakota Court Cases containing a death penalty is beyond the jurisdiction of this court of Appeals/Circuit court. South Dakota Court of Civil Appeals hears appeals for civil claims over $10,000. Circuit Appeals concerning juvenile matters, domestic relations including divorce and annulment, probate and equity case appeals can be heard by the State Court of Appeal. Certain South Dakota Criminal Appeals of non-violent nature also come under the purview of the South Dakota court of appeals.

Find and Review South Dakota Court of Appeals Records

All South Dakota Court Appeals are available for the public as soon as the hearing is complete. The Public information division of the South Dakota Unified Judicial System provides all court documents and other information containing materials to the public by uploading them onto the official judicial website. The records provided by these websites are authentic. You will find several websites providing such information but be very careful about the genuineness of the records. The government websites have genuine information and these records are updated very often in order to provide the latest proceedings pertaining to the on going cases. The latest news about the pending cases is also updated regularly.

You can access all opinions related to cases heard at the South Dakota Court of Civil Appeals through the Internet. You can check all opinions from 1996 onwards by logging on to the State Judiciary site. Civil case opinion details are also available throughout the state. The judge may restrict certain cases of confidential and sensitive nature. Such cases cannot be viewed by online access. Opinions on civil cases normally encompass all active as well as inactive money judgments.

South Dakota Court Appeals of criminal nature can be accessed through the official site too. You can use the extensive search program provided within the site in order to get details of criminal case appeal records. The site, however, does not provide details of juvenile cases to the public. You need to note that all opinions can be revised before its formal publication in the North Western Reporter.

Clicking on the 'search' link provided on the left of the web page will bring you to the searching facility. It is possible to search for South Dakota opinions here by entering the date or case number. You can select the calendar option in order to browse through all cases heard on a particular date or look for a specific opinion. You can also enter a relevant keyword if you do not know the case number or date of hearing.

You can also access the appellate briefs filed in the South Dakota Supreme Court by signing in for a paid account at . You can read through the briefs of the South Dakota Briefs Library in the privacy of your home without having to visit the courthouse. Briefs can be found by searching with party name, attorney name as well as by the exact issue.