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Pennsylvania Court Appeals

The entire judicial system in the state of Pennsylvania is organized in the shape of a pyramid or a triangle. At the apex lies the Supreme Court whose key function is to reexamine the decisions of the lower court along with the supervision of the entire court procedures of the state. The second position is occupied by the intermediate appellate courts or the Pennsylvania Court of Appeals such as the Superior court which has a panel of 15 judges and the Commonwealth Court which is presided by a panel of 9 judges and their specialty is that they deal only with the cases involving government issues. The Common pleas court whose main role is to resolve criminal, civil, family disputes holds the third position and property related problems. At the lowest level lie the magisterial district judges, Philadelphia Municipal and traffic courts where minor petty issues and minor crimes and traffic related crimes are presided over.

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Court Of Appeals of Pennsylvania
The Pennsylvania court appeals comprises Pennsylvania court of civil appeals which gives hope and assurance to any person, families, and businesses by giving them the power to seek for a second opinion if they have firm belief that the verdict of the trial court is erroneous. There are chances that a trial court has inaccurately read the contracts before reaching a judgment that can be supervised by the Court of appeals to reach to a different conclusion. Pennsylvania Court of Civil Appeals further deals with cases of division of marital property, child guardianship, child and spouse support, alimony, property contracts and much more. Pennsylvania Court Criminal Appeals fulfills its duty of imparting justice to a person even though he or she is charged guilty. One has the power to appeal to a higher court to prove innocence. Pennsylvania Circuit Court of Appeals offers its jurisdiction to the eastern district, middle district and to the western district of the state of Pennsylvania. There are in total 13 circuit court of appeal and the circuit appeal of this state holds the third position. The circuit court has 14 panel members.