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Oregon Court Appeals

Oregon Court Appeals are heard in the Oregon Circuit Court of Appeals and is the first court of appeal following the decision of the trial court. Oregon Court Civil Appeals and Oregon Criminal Appeals all come under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Court Of Appeals. However, Oregon Court Criminal Appeals pertaining to death penalty cases cannot be heard by the Court Of Appeals of Oregon. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court himself appoints the chief justice of this court of appeals/circuit courts. The Oregon Court of Appeal can also review the actions of certain state administrative agencies.

Although it is possible to access Oregon Court Cases and Circuit Appeals online, the Court Of Appeals does not announce the release of a new opinion in advance. Opinions on pending Oregon Court Appeals are posted regularly in the official state judicial site and the Supreme Court notifies the public about the impending opinions of State Appeals a day before. The Appellate Court Records Section (ACRS) is responsible for processing all the documents filed during the hearing of Oregon Court Appeals. It is best to contact this section if you need additional information about the opinions of Oregon Court of Civil Appeals. You may also get the required information on criminal appeals from the same section.

Access Oregon Court of Appeals Records

You can access the slip opinions from the State of Oregon's official website. The opinions of the Appellate court published in the site may be edited before it is finally published in the form of bound volumes of Oregon Reports. You may also get the information on all appeals including the appeals filed in response to Oregon County court decisions. Should you feel the need for legal advice after accessing the status of your case online, it is best to consult your own lawyer. The State of Oregon does not give any legal advice to the general public.

The court of appeals slip opinions can be displayed by clicking on the link provided in the home page. The webpage contains opinions on cases from the year 1998 onwards. You can check the outcome of an older appeal by clicking on the required year. The advance sheets of Oregon Court Appeals can also be viewed from the site. You will also get a list of cases affirmed without opinion within this webpage. You can have a look at the opinions given by the Supreme Court as well. The design of the webpage is identical to the court of appeals page and you will have no problem navigating through the records and advance sheets. Although the appeals are heard almost daily, the website providing information about the Oregon Court Appeals is updated on a weekly basis.

Apart from the official web site of Oregon, you may be able to retrieve information about appellate cases by login into . They will provide you with a list of case summaries and news from the Oregon Supreme court and the Oregon Court of Appeals. You can find the cases listed according to year and the links are located to the right of the page. You can also choose to receive appellate case summaries by email by subscribing to the service. What is important is that accessing the records is anonymous and secure which means that while you browse through the records of the Oregon Court of Appeals your identity will not be disclosed.