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Oklahoma Court Appeals

Oklahoma Court Appeals provides the citizens of Oklahoma convicted of a crime the chance to formally request a higher court to hear his or her case after an unfavorable verdict from the lower trial court. The Oklahoma Circuit Court of Appeals comes under the jurisdiction of United States court of Appeals for the tenth circuit. The other members under the tenth circuit include the court of appeals for the states of Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.

Some people argue why tax payer's money should be wasted to give a re-hearing to a convict. But a glance through the prior records of the Court Of Appeals shows exactly why such a system is in place. In recent times, 500 out of 2450 people have been freed of all charges through Oklahoma Court Appeals.

The state of Oklahoma differs from most states in the United States of America as it has two courts of last resort. The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals has jurisdiction over all civil issues while the Oklahoma court of criminal appeals deals with any kind of criminal lawsuits.

The civil court of appeals for the State of Okalahoma is an intermediate appellate court and hears civil appeals delegated by the Supreme Court of the State. However, this court is responsible for hearing most of the civil appeals for the state of Okalahoma. The Supreme Court has the authority to publish the opinions of the Okalahoma Civil Appellate court if they are considered to have set a precedent. The court houses a total of twelve judges for its four divisions. Three judges are assigned to each division.

The Oklahoma court of criminal appeals is the highest court in the state of Oklahoma when it comes to criminal cases. This court is the last in hierarchy with appellate jurisdiction and its verdict is deemed final at least at the state level. Although the Supreme Court hears all disputed cases of civil nature, the Okalahoma court of criminal appeals is the last word on criminal cases for the state. People dissatisfied with the verdict from the lower courts can appeal to the court of criminal appeals. The court has the authority to reverse the opinion of a lower court on all kinds of criminal cases. Unlike other state court of appeals, the Okalahoma court of criminal appeals can also hear appeals involving a death sentence. This court came into existence way back in 1907. However, in 1967, the court system of Okalahoma was entirely restructured on basis of constitutional amendments adopted by the State of Okalahoma. The Court meets regularly at the capitol Building of the Okalahoma city.

The Okalahoma court of criminal appeals appoints a Presiding judge as well as a Vice Presiding Judge in addition to three associate judges. All of them are nominated first by the Okalahoma Nominating Commission and subsequently appointed by the Governor. The initial appointment is for a term of six years after which each of the judges must turn to the electorate of the State of Okalahoma if they want to continue as judges for the Okalahoma court of criminal appeals. However, the judges cannot be listed by the political parties and cannot be publicly affiliated o any political party whatsoever. There is no limit to the number of terms that a judge can serve the court of appeals. Another surprising fact is that all the judges who have sought reelection for the position have won since 1907. The Okalahoma constitution does not have any hand in deciding the size of the Okalahoma court of criminal appeals unlike the Supreme Court for the State. The legislature alone has the power to decide the number of judges required for trying all Oklahoma Court Appeals of criminal nature. All judges nominated to serve the Okalahoma court of appeals are required to have attained at least thirty years of age and must be registered as a voter in the Okalahoma Court of criminal appeals. They should have served the State as a practicing attorney or judge for a minimum period of at least five years before they can be considered for appointment as judges of the court of appeals for the State of Okalahoma.

The procedure for Oklahoma Court Appeals consists of filing for petition in error initially. The party dissatisfied with the ruling of the trial court is required to submit all trial court documents as well as legal documents pertaining to the actual decision given by the trial court. Documents describing the nature of the relief sought by the appellant are also required before the oral arguments ensue.

Access Oklahoma Court of Appeals Records

The court statistics report of 2008 published annually by the judicial council indicates a total of 25,199 filings for appeals out of which 6,681 are for criminal cases. Oklahoma court cases records are available online for the general public for free or nominal service charges. The National Open Search Records are an authentic source for obtaining Oklahoma Court of Appeals Records. All the citizens of Oklahoma need to do is visit the website, go to the Court records repository and then proceed to the page for the state of Oklahoma. Once on this page you can access the Oklahoma County records for a person by performing a state wide search after providing inputs for first name, last name, city and state.

The citizens also have the option to visit the Oklahoma courts website for the Court of Appeals record. Each court maintains a database of all case proceedings. The users of the website can get an outline of any particular case for free if they know the case number. However to get hold of the detailed records a small service charge has to be paid. In these times of turmoil Oklahoma Court of Appeals Records are in constant demand from lawyers and citizens alike.

The official site for the Okalahoma court has taken the initiative for providing the members of the general public with information pertaining to Oklahoma Court Appeals . It boasts of a State wide tracking system and residents of the State can easily find what they are looking for by means of court docket numbers. The system is upgraded regularly and on a real time basis. The user can obtain the requisite information over the Internet. The entire expense for the whole system is borne by the judicial system of Okalahoma State and the user can get all court related information free of cost by logging in to this site.

The appellate court docket search returns relevant information about a specific court. The Oklahoma Court Information System allows you to search the district and appellate court cases for thirteen counties of the state. However, only 25 cases per county can be viewed at a time by entering your search data. A Statewide search displays a hyperlink, clicking on which will enable you to check the complete results for a particular county. In the rare event of not being able to locate a case, you have the option of contacting the county court clerk for information. The contact details for the clerks can also be obtained from the website itself.

The actual ?Search' process will take you to a specific web page of the Okalahoma Court web site. You need to select the county from a drop down box provided within the page. If you are not sure about the county or f you are a legal researcher concerned with the statistics, it is best to search for ?All Okalahoma Courts'. Next, you need to select the type of case from the list given. Every appellate court, whether civil or criminal, has its own share of cases which can be divided into broader categories. You can also enter a date range for either the opening of the case or its closure. Entering any one of the field will give you the results. However, be careful not too put in too many specifications. This may result in non availability of search results. The third option for searching may be more adequate for tracking down a specific case. Entering the case number will instantly give you the desired result. Since each case number is unique, you will be able to zero on to your case without further ado if you take the advantage of searching the court database by this option. You can proceed on with your search even if you have absolutely no inkling about the case number.

The party name or at least a portion of the name will help you to obtain the specific information about Oklahoma Court Appeals . Searching by date of birth either specific or a more general query of ?born earlier' or ?born after' should suffice as well. Knowledge about any other identifying number may prove to be invaluable. Identifying numbers may include the social security number or the driving license number. Other numbers like the Bar License Number, Oklahoma Offender Tracking Number and Department of Corrections Inmate number may be used to return the requisite results as well. If you are unable to recollect the name of the party, you have the additional option of going through the database on basis of the attorney's name.

Since all appellate cases have a history of being tried earlier by a lower court, the Okalahoma court website can also return specific results on basis of the trial court ruling. Entering the case type, year and case number will help you to track down the specific appellate court case. The court website also has a web page dedicated to searching of various databases. The text box provided recognizes query strings and you can enter your query accordingly. The searching process can also be done by entering Boolean terms as well as other connectors. The page also lists a number of relevant databases and you have the option of searching through any of them. Simultaneous search through multiple databases can also be conducted. Entering the database code within the search text box will also return effective results. This can be done if the database in question is not listed in the web page.

It is possible to locate specific appellate cases from various other commercial websites. Most of them have State wise divisions and you can click on the hyperlink of Okalahoma to be directed to the court cases pertaining to the state. Browsing through the appellate court opinions can give you a fair idea of the kind of cases handled by the intermediate courts of appeal. This information is vital for legal students and attorneys. Clicking on the calendar provide by the private sites will return a list of cases for a specific time period. However, if you are concerned with uncovering the statistics for a particular appellate opinion, you will have to conduct a specific search for it. Entering the name of the party or case number will give you the desired results. Likewise, you can view the details of your case if you search by the exact date of hearing too. The case summary as well as articles related to the case can also be studied by conducting the search with proper keywords. Most of the commercial sites contain a link to the State resources and you can be directed to the official website for the State of Okalahoma if you are not satisfied with the search results obtained from the commercial site.

As the common saying goes 'To err is human'. Judges are human beings prone to mistakes like all of us. The Oklahoma Court Appeals have provided a much needed second chance to numerous innocent victims who are presently leading a normal social life they deserve. In a way this is the essence of the oldest democracy in the world. The judiciary's duty is not only to bring the criminals to justice but also ensure that the innocent do not get put to the sword. The Oklahoma Court Appeals have gone a long in achieving this.