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North Dakota Court Appeals

Few North Dakota Court Appeals are assigned to the North Dakota Circuit Court of Appeals by the Supreme Court of the State. The North Dakota Court Of Appeals was specially created in 1987. Both North Dakota Court of Civil Appeals as well as North Dakota Court Criminal Appeals are heard quite infrequently at the Court of Appeals of North Dakota as this court of appeals was established as an experiment. The Supreme Court of the State assigns the temporary judges to these courts of appeal/ circuit courts. Occasionally one hears of no cases being assigned to the Court Of Appeal of North Dakota.

The official website of the Supreme Court of North Dakota provides the general public with an opportunity of searching through the site for opinions and decisions of North Dakota Court Appeals. This site is also accessible through the judicial link of the website of North Dakota. Accessing through the Supreme Court website is an onerous site as it contains almost 8000 legal opinions given on North Dakota Court Civil Appeals. You may also access the North Dakota Criminal Appeals and its decisions online. You will find new opinions on North Dakota Court Appeals posted on the site as soon as the Circuit Appeals are filed in the Supreme Court. New rules along with the existing rules for filing North Dakota Court Cases are displayed in the site as well. Lawyers and interested persons may read the short biographies of Judges serving the North Dakota county courts and the court of appeals from this site. You can check out other informative legal resources by clicking on the links provided within this official site.

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