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New York Court Appeals

The highest court of New York is the New York Court Of Appeals. All New York Court Appeals are heard in this court while the Supreme Court of the State only serves as a trial court in the State of New York. This Court Of Appeal bench comprises seven judges including the Chief Judge of the New York Circuit Court of Appeals. In spite of being the highest court for State Appeals the judges of this Court Of Appeals are known as judges instead of justices. Decisions given by New York county courts can be revoked by the decision of the Court of Appeals. The New York court of appeal is more concerned with the broader perspective of law and dispensing justice. Individual disputes are not of paramount importance for the highest court of the State. Unlike other lower courts of appeal, the appellate court of New York has no limitation based on the amount of money involved when it comes to hearing appeals. The rank and status of parties concerned has no bearing on the appellate process either.

Records of all appeals heard at New York Court of Civil Appeals and the New York Court Criminal Appeals are available for public viewing. Attorneys, researchers as well as ordinary citizens can access the court decisions of all New York Court Appeals. Going through the decisions of New York Court Cases online is particularly advantageous for the public as the Circuit Appeals are released online before they are published in the Official reports. Each decision of the court of appeals/circuit court is also accompanied by an electronic citation.

Accessing details of New York Court Civil Appeals and opinions on the New York slip opinion service is free of charge. You can also find opinions on New York Criminal Appeals by logging in to the same service. Viewing of Official reports online does not require any form of payment either. However, you are liable to pay a small fee of 50 cents per page for photocopying of the opinion and will have to pay an additional 25 cents for certification of the same.

Verify New York Court of Appeals Records

All New York court decisions are available on the official court website. You can access them on the very day of their official release. If you can not find a particular New York appeal listed on the webpage, you can try searching the site for matching appeal decisions or opinions. Old opinions are not always displayed in the official site. You need to check the Law Reporting Bureau's site for older slip opinions. The decisions on New York Court Appeals are listed under the dates of their release. Any detailed writing accompanying the decisions are listed below the decision list. All decisions and opinions given on new appeals are included in the website with the list being updated regularly. Each appeal present within the list usually includes a short summary of the case which consists of the primary issues, a short title as well as the main subject matter of the case. However, not all appeals have a distinct outcome. A few of them may be dismissed due to lack of proper ground, or undue and repeated time extensions requested by the parties concerned. The appealing party occasionally withdraws the appeal. The court appeals and decisions published online are generally displayed in a PDF format. You require an Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view these decisions.

You can search for relevant decisions or opinions by entering a suitable keyword within the search text box. If you find a lot of appeals and opinions being returned by your search string, you can try searching with Boolean phrases. Once you are satisfied with the search results you can read the details of the case from the document linked with the case number. You can perform an advanced search in the Law Reporting Bureau's website. You can search for appropriate results by the name of the Party, decision date or by the appellate court. Knowing the docket number or the citation number may help you to zero in on the exact case.

You can also request the physical copies of New York Court Appeals from the court office. All court briefs and records of appeal hearings are usually retained by the court for a couple of years after the case is closed. You can call or write to the office of the court requesting the documents for any particular court appeal. All documents are given on loan and you cannot retain them indefinitely. If you are interested in older cases decided much earlier, you need to contact the archives of the New York State Library.