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New Mexico Court Appeals

The New Mexico Court Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in the state. It is between district courts and certain administrative agencies, which are below it, and the New Mexico Supreme Court, which is above it. The Court of Appeals reviews appeals in all the cases, except criminal cases involving sentences of death or life imprisonment, appeals from the Public Regulation Commission.

The New Mexico Court Of Appeals has ten judges. Each judge has a paralegal and a law clerk. By law, the judges act in panels of three on all appellate opinions, and agreement of two judges is required. In addition, the Court has a permanent staff of attorneys.

The pre hearing division consists of seventeen employees - a chief staff attorney, two senior staff attorneys, thirteen staff attorneys, and one administrative assistant. The clerk's office has a staff of eleven employees - an attorney/chief clerk, two financial staff members, six clerks and administrative assistants.

The Court has a mediation office, consisting of an appellate mediator and a part-time assistant.The Court has two offices, in Santa Fe and in Albuquerque. Presently, six judges of the Court's ten judges are headquartered in Santa Fe and four judges are located in Albuquerque. The Santa Fe office is in the Supreme Court Building and is the main location of the clerk's office, the pre hearing division, and the mediation office.

Court Of Appeals of New Mexico can be divided into New Mexico Court Criminal Appeals and New Mexico Court Civil Appeals on the basis of the type of file-suit.

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The New Mexico Court Appeals compiles statistics on how long it takes to decide an appeal, as well as how long the various steps on an appeal take, on how many cases are affirmed and reversed, and on the number of dispositions. All sets of statistics are compiled by month and then cumulatively for the fiscal year (July to June).

New Mexico Court Appeals can be accessed by any interested or sanctioned parties online for little to no cost. Therefore the process is cost-effective as well.

One set of statistics of Circuit Appeals is called average days, which compiles the average time it takes to decide an appeal on the various calendars and also breaks down the process by stages: notice of appeal to calendar assignment, calendar assignment to filing of tapes or transcript, filing of tapes or transcript to answer brief (ready), answer brief to submission to judges, submission to judges to opinion, calendar assignment to submission in summary cases, calendar assignment to answer brief in general cases without tapes or transcript.

Another set of statistics is called pro se percentages and is kept to determine whether self-represented litigants enjoy comparable success to attorney-represented litigants. It is broken down by formal and memorandum opinions.

The final set of statistics is called dispositions. It compiles the number of opinions that are filed; the number of New Mexico Court Cases transferred to the Supreme Court, the number of cases dismissed by order; the number of cases certified to the Supreme Court; and the total number of dispositions.

It may be noted in this respect that the New Mexico County Court's caseload is about 900 filings per year.