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New Jersey Court Appeals

New Jersey Court Appeals are heard by the New Jersey Circuit Court Of Appeals which is the intermediate Appellate court for the State. The Court Of Appeals of New Jersey reviews the decisions given by Trial courts, tax courts and various administrative agencies. The New Jersey Court of Civil Appeals and the New Jersey Court Criminal Appeals together account for almost 7,000 appeals each year. Some New Jersey Court Civil Appeals can be sorted out through the Civil Appeals Settlement Program (CASP). A few of the other New Jersey Court Appeals may be too complex in nature to be settled without a pre-argument conference. A few appeals are based on sentencing issues alone. The judges often hear such appeals without a full briefing as the appeal involves addressing a specific issue, namely, the excessiveness of the sentence. New Jersey Criminal Appeals concerning a death sentence or life imprisonment is traditionally tried by the Superior court as it does not fall under the jurisdiction of the court of Appeals/Circuit courts.

Individuals or agencies appeal to the appellate court if they are not satisfied with the decision given by the Trial court. The New Jersey appellate court has the authority to review the case and decide if there has been an error in judgment. However, every error does not warrant intervention by the court of appeals. Although the appellate court has a different standard for judging the appeals, they cannot revoke the ruling because of certain limitations.

The official website of New Jersey also allows forwarding you're appeal documents as attachments by using the online E-Filing Transmittal system. This is particularly beneficial for attorneys who can now file all documents required by the New Jersey Court Of Appeals from any geographical location. You can also order statements for New Jersey Court Cases as well as check the decisions of New Jersey County courts. Information about any judgment or ruling by the Court Of Appeals can be conveniently viewed online. Every resident of the State of New Jersey are at liberty to enquire about the status of appeals or file an appeal by sending an e-mail to the concerned authority of the New Jersey court of appeals. Comments concerning the website or requests for court transcripts can also be communicated by means of e-mails.

Verify New Jersey Court of Appeals Records

Opinions on all State Appeals made to the Superior court along with the decisions on circuit appeals heard by the New Jersey Court of Appeal become available to the public as soon as the hearing is over. You can access the records of New Jersey Court Appeals from the official site of New Jersey Judiciary. These opinions are available on the site for ten business days after which they are replaced by more current opinions. The opinions are listed chronologically in the webpage and you can easily read them with the aid of Adobe Acrobat reader. The corresponding docket numbers are also displayed along with the date of trial which makes it convenient for you to check the status of your case.

If you need access to older appellate court opinions you can check the archives at Rutgers Camden Law School. The database at the Rutgers Camden Law School hosts a collection of all New Jersey Appellate Court opinions and reports. You are likely to find appeals dating from March 1994 to the present here. You will also be able to browse through many more interesting legal cases from the archives within this site. Finding out a particular opinion on a New Jersey appeal requires you to type in your query within the text box provided. There are no concrete rules for entering a search string. However, it is advisable not to use & instead of the word 'and'.

You can also go through the entire repertoire of appeal documents by clicking on the text collection. Searching by a date range or a party name returns specific appellate documents. You can also narrow down your search by citing the docket number. Checking out the archives from this service is entirely free of charge and does not require any form of registration. You may also be directed to this site from other private resources. It has recently been observed that a few such companies have been charging the public for access to Rutgers Camden Law School. It is, therefore, wise to log in to the site independently instead of following the embedded hyperlinks.

You can look through the unpublished opinions of the New Jersey court of appeals once you log in to the New Jersey Judicial website. However, these opinions cannot be cited in a court of law as an instance unless all parties are provided with a copy of the unpublished opinion. You will have to search the archives of Rutgers Camden Law School if you require information about unpublished opinions after ten business days.

Opinions expected to be released are also listed in This information will prepare you for the outcome and you can log in to this site on the estimated date of release if you want to check the details of the court hearing.

New Jersey has certain set standards for review of New Jersey Court Appeals . You can check them out by clicking on the available link. All prerequisites of review by the appellate courts as well as the standard governing errors for both civil and criminal cases can be studied in detail from this PDF document available online.