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Nebraska Court Appeals

Records of Nebraska Court Appeals are collected from the Nebraska Court Of Appeals by the Nebraska State Historical Society. All court records including Nebraska Court Appeals are public records and accessible to all members of the general public. However, the Court Of Appeals Of Nebraska can with hold certain records. These records usually include Nebraska Court Cases under investigation or records containing psychiatric evaluations.

The Court of Appeals was established on 6th September 1991 and serves as an intermediate appellate court for hearing Nebraska State Appeals. The Nebraska Circuit Court of Appeals tries to hear all Nebraska Court Appeals particularly those pending before the Supreme Court. This court of appeals/circuit court also reviews the appeals made against the decisions of the lower courts. The Nebraska Court of Civil Appeals together with the Nebraska Court Criminal Appeals handle all the appeal petitions for the state. However, Nebraska Criminal Appeals involving a death sentence or life imprisonment cannot be tried by this court. Parties can also directly approach the Supreme Court instead of using the Nebraska Court of Appeal.

Nebraska Court of Appeals comes under the jurisdiction of 8th Circuit Courts of US. There are nine other districts under this jurisdiction. They are Eastern and Western Districts of Missouri, Western and Eastern Districts of Arkansas, Northern and Southern Districts of Iowa, Districts of North and South Dakota and Minnesota. This court listens to all the cases except for the ones that deal with patent claims and the cases that have been filed against the government of United States under the Tucker Act. The courthouses are in Omaha, North Platte, Papillion, Norfolk and Lincoln.

There are six judges sitting in the panel of three. The Nebraska court of Appeals hears the cases of juvenile, domestic, civil and probate cases. The judgment given by this court is regarded as final if not the case is further taken to the State Supreme Court. The court of appeals has authorization of hearing the oral arguments in any part of the state. These sessions are open for public.

Search for Nebraska Court of Appeals Records

If you want to access the appellate court records of Nebraska County you first need to know the court of jurisdiction. Most Nebraska Court Civil Appeals are heard in the court of appeals and you need to search the records either by accessing the case files or by going through related journals. Most of the circuit appeals can be found online nowadays. You can also consult the district court index for total information about a specific case and its corresponding appeal. You can also try to access various documents and other court materials related to the case in order to get the total picture.

Lists of Nebraska Court Appeals as well as the slip opinions released by the Supreme Court of Nebraska are available for the public as soon as the hearing is complete. Opinions for the last three months can be accessed from the official Nebraska government website. The Nebraska court of appeals impending case summaries are displayed within the Nebraska Judicial branch website. You can view the panel of judges as well as familiarize yourself with the case from this page. The action taken by the trial court is described fully and you will be able to get a clear understanding by accessing this resource online. The details concerning individual appeals can be found in bound volumes of the Nebraska Appellate Report.

Attorneys and researchers can subscribe to decisions of the Nebraska court of appeals. The application form for the subscription can be obtained online. You have to take a print out the form and send it to the Nebraska court of appeals along with the full payment in check. You can also make a partial payment for the decisions of the appellate court. Bound volumes of the last thirteen reports of the Nebraska Court of Appeals can also be ordered from the publication office. The email id of the publication office can be obtained from the official government site of Nebraska.