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Missouri Court Appeals

The Missouri Court of Appeals is a major appellate court in the state, in the sense that its jurisdiction is to review decisions of lower agencies or courts like the circuit courts. If one feels that a loss at a circuit court was due to a mistake, one might bring the case under the scrutiny of the Court of Appeals. However, the court of appeals can not handle cases which require the Supreme Court's exclusive jurisdiction, which include challenges to the validity of a United States statute or treaty, cases requiring construction of revenue laws, the validity of a state constitutional provision or statute, the title to state office, and cases where the death penalty is imposed.The Missouri circuit court of appeals have original jurisdiction over all cases and matters, be it civil or criminal. The act of issuance and determination of original remedial writs are under taken by the circuit courts.

In special circumstance, cases initially decided by the Missouri Court of Appeals may be transferred to the Supreme Court. However, for the vast majority of appeals, the Court of Appeals decision is final, as historically less than ten percent of total cases were referred to the Supreme Court till date. The Missouri Court of Civil Appeals works hand in hand with the Missouri court of Criminal appeals to resolve issues within the circuit and ease the burden off the Supreme Court.

In an appeal, a record of what occurred previously in the circuit court is filed. Each side generally files a brief stating its arguments and the basis for them, such as past court decisions and laws. These briefs are open to the public.

The standard proceedings for the Missouri Court Appeals is an oral argument from each side involved in any case, when they answer the judges' questions. In the Court of Appeals, there are no juries or witnesses; the parties argue their cases before the judges, and the judges determine whether there were prejudicial mistakes made at the trial below. The public may attend.

The Missouri Court of Appeals is divided into three distinct entities, district wise. The Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District is the state's largest appellate court, with offices in the historic Old Post Office building in downtown St. Louis. Fourteen judges constitute this court which handles around fifty percent of the intermediate appellate caseload in Missouri, covering twenty-five counties and the City of St. Louis.

The southern district court of Missouri court of Appeals is composed of seven judges who handle nineteen percent of the intermediate appellate caseload in Missouri. Covering an area of around forty four counties, it has its offices in the Hammons Building in Springfield, Missouri. The Court also maintains a courtroom and chambers in the Butler County Courthouse in Poplar Bluff. Oral arguments are regularly conducted in Springfield and Poplar Bluff.

But it is the western District of the Missouri Court of Appeals that is considered as the state's largest intermediate appellate court based upon the number of counties under its supervision. The Court is composed of eleven judges and handles approximately forty percent of the intermediate appellate caseload in Missouri, with jurisdiction covering forty-five counties including the state capital, Jefferson City. Located in its own architectural courthouse in downtown Kansas City, this court also holds oral arguments in city of Columbia, St. Joseph and Kirksville.

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You might want to search for specific Missouri Court Appeals for information on a particular case, or search for criminal records, divorces, judgments, liens and other civil filings. There are some sites recognized by the Judiciary. It is a free court resource that provides contact and resource information for all judicial circuits in Missouri. The information on any kind of court records have been made public so that anybody and everybody can access them.

Few sites charge a nominal amount of around $0.08 to search records but most of the other agency sites provide information absolutely free. These sites are especially helpful for investigators, journalists, someone doing research on the trend of court records or a layman looking for the detail of a particular case. You may generally use the CM/EFC filer or the PACER login to search the database.

To ensure easy and quick search procedure online, you can even search the records using either the litigant name search, date of case filing or the case number. Details of court cases of Missouri County, including circuit appeals and state appeals can be found with ease in the online databases, which makes verification and background checking tasks easy. Now court records are just few clicks away from you. All you need is a computer with internet connection. Even, Annual Judicial Reports and Jury trial statistics are also available on the government website.