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Mississippi Court Appeals

A major appellate court in the state, The Mississippi Court of Appeals exercises its jurisdiction in to reviewing decisions of lower agencies or courts like the circuit courts. If one feels that a loss at a circuit court was due to a mistake, one might bring the case under the scrutiny of the Court of Appeals. However, the court of appeals can not handle cases which require the Supreme Court's exclusive jurisdiction, which include challenges to the validity of a United States statute or treaty, cases requiring construction of revenue laws, the validity of a state constitutional provision or statute, the title to state office, and cases where the death penalty is imposed.

The Mississippi circuit court of appeals have original jurisdiction over all cases and matters, civil and criminal. The various trial or circuit courts of the state may bring a case under the jurisdiction of the Mississippi Court of Appeal if they feel the necessity for authoritative intervention. The cases the court hears are assigned to it by the Supreme Court of Mississippi, and generally concern on issues in which the law is already settled, but the facts are in dispute.

In special circumstance, cases initially decided by the Court of Appeals may be transferred to the Supreme Court. However, for the vast majority of appeals, the Court of Appeal's decision is final, as historically only about nine percent of total cases were referred to the Mississippi Supreme Court till date. The Mississippi Court of Civil Appeals works hand in hand with the Mississippi court of Criminal appeals to resolve issues within the circuit and ease the burden off the Supreme Court. The address of Mississippi Court of Appeals is Gartin Justice Building, 450 High St., Jackson, MS 39201-1082.

The standard proceedings for the Mississippi Court Appeals is an oral argument from each side involved in any case, when they answer the judges' questions. In the Court of Appeals which the public may or may not attend, there are no juries or witnesses; the parties argue their cases before the judges, and the judges determine whether there were prejudicial mistakes made at the trial below.

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You might want to search for specific Mississippi Court Appeals for information on a particular case, or search for criminal records, divorces, judgments, liens and other civil filings. There are websites affiliated by the government authorities which focus on providing extensive details of cases and background information on people involved in the proceedings of the Mississippi Court of Appeals. There are also business directories which open more than 19 million entries of the cases. The information for these sites are extracted from the archives of the Court and local agencies that are recognized by the authorities. Details of cases of Mississippi County, including circuit appeals and state appeals can be found with ease in the online databases, which makes verification and background checking tasks easy.