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Michigan Court Appeals

The Michigan Court Of Appeals is an intermediate appellate court and hears all Michigan Court Appeals after final decisions are made by the Michigan County or probate courts. The hearings of the Michigan Circuit Court of Appeals are held in the four districts of the State. The judges of the court of Appeals/Circuit court of appeals generally enjoy a six-year term. A majority of the Court of Appeals judges must agree In order to pass an opinion on Michigan Court Appeals. The Supreme Court may revoke the decision after a review of the State Appeals. People intending to approach the Court Of Appeals of Michigan may obtain the court rules from the local courthouse. You can also go through a soft copy of the same rules from the Michigan Court official website.

The official website can be used for electronic filing of Michigan Court Appeals now. This service is voluntary and can be used to file for new Circuit Appeals or initiate a fresh pleading for pending Court Of Appeal cases. The Michigan Court Civil Appeals against a Michigan Public Service Commission can be filed electronically as well. All Michigan Criminal Appeals within the districts of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties can be electronically pleaded through this website.

Review Michigan Court of Appeals Cases and Records

It is convenient for members of the general public to check the opinions of the Michigan Court Of Appeals online. Records of all Michigan Court Cases comprising of cases arising out of the Michigan Court of Civil Appeals as well as all Michigan Court Criminal Appeals become public information once the hearing is concluded successfully. An opinion search will provide you with a list of published opinions released January 2001 onwards. Unpublished opinions can be viewed from the official website of Michigan court as well. You will also be able to see the list of opinions affected by the orders of the Michigan court of appeals. Older opinions can be found at the website of Thomson West. You can easily log on to the site by clicking on the link provided here.

You can view the most recent published opinions on the website. But it will be wise to remember that these opinions are uploaded in an unedited form and may be subject to rectification after the Michigan Reports and the Michigan Appeals Reports review it. All opinions of the Michigan court of appeals are uploaded first to the official website before being reproduced elsewhere.

You can search for specific opinions or conduct a general search based on a date range. You need to enter the unique docket number in the required field in order to look for a particular opinion. You can either search for Supreme Court opinions or for the opinions of the court of appeals. The court of appeals remains selected by default and your search results will remain confined to the intermediate court if you do not choose an option. You will get a list of search results after you hit the ?search' button. There are links for each opinion making it convenient to go through the details. The list is arranged in a chronologically reverse order with the most recent opinion being displayed first.

A look into the Michigan court of Appeals provides citizens with a clear idea regarding the criminal records of an individual. It is a statistically proven fact that mistakes happen in the court of law. People get wrongly convicted for the crimes they did not commit in the first place. Michigan Court Of Appeals provides such people a chance to get their due justice. Ordinary criminal check sometimes includes the records of the wrongly convicted people. So, it is recommended that the citizens also go through the court of appeals records before forming a positive or negative opinion about a person. Lawyers also refer to these records for their case purposes.