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Maryland Court Appeals

The Court of Appeals of Maryland is the highest court of the state, akin to the Supreme Court in other states.

Created under the Maryland County Constitution of 1776, the Court of Appeals is empowered to act on its discretion and choose to preside over selective cases. That is to say, the court can decline the writ and not hear a case, or it can approve a "cert? and hear the appeal. The Maryland Court of Appeals can also hear Maryland state appeals before a lower appellate court has heard it. But once a case has been heard in a lower court, the appeal must be to a court higher in the hierarchy. A court equivalent in power and jurisdiction to the court which has heard the case is usually not permitted to take the appeal for re-hearing.

But by law, it has to hear appeals on death penalties, legislative redistricting, certifying legal issues, and removing certain officers.

Maryland Court Appeals are conducted in the Robert C. Murphy Courts of Appeal Building in the county capital of Annapolis.

The Chief Judge of the Maryland Circuit Court of Appeals is appointed by the Governor of the state and is also the constitutional administrative head of the entire state judicial machinery.

It is interesting to note that the jurists at the Maryland Court of Appeal are called judges, and not justices, as is the practice in most other states. In contrast to the prevalent black robes, judges at the Maryland Circuit Court of Appeal wear red robes with white collars. The seven judges sit on all Maryland court cases, except when there is a disqualification. This is in contrast to the court norm of five judges. The Maryland Court of Appeals judges hear most cases.

Apart from Maryland Court Appeals, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, the Maryland Circuit Courts, the Maryland District Courts, and the former and present federal courts located in the county, form the judicial system of Maryland.

This is the intermediate appellate court of the state. The court was formed in 1996 to handle Maryland criminal appeals. However its ambit has expanded to include both Maryland Court criminal appeals and Maryland Court civil appeals that were being handled by the Maryland Court of Appeals.

A circuit court of Maryland is a trial court of general jurisdiction. Such a Maryland court of civil appeal and criminal appeal is the state's highest court of record that can wield original jurisdiction. It also possesses extra powers, as have been bestowed by the constitution of the country or the law of the land. They are the only courts that can try cases.

In circuit appeals of a civil nature, the circuit courts possess exclusive original jurisdiction. In particular, these are cases involving declaratory, equitable, or injunctive relief or instances where the ownership rights of a real property have to be judged.

In circuit appeals of a criminal nature, the circuit courts usually possess exclusive original jurisdiction over charges of felony, albeit with some exceptions.

The citizens of Maryland have two options when it comes to accessing records related to Maryland Court Appeals. The first way is to make a petition to the clerk's office. This process is costly as the citizens have to pay both the service charges as well as the delivery charges.

The alternate way is being preferred these days. In this method you can access the records from your homes. The only thing you must have is a speedy internet connection. There are number of government as well as non government websites which provide you easy access to Maryland Court Cases records. However, not all private websites can be relied upon. Some of them have been guilty of not updating information on a regular basis. Others are too costly for the general public. The most authentic of web based service to access the Maryland Court of Appeals cases and records is the National Open Search Records database. This site has a separate page for the state of Maryland. Once on this page the citizens need to perform a simple search operation to get answers to their queries. A detailed record will cost you a small sum of money while a brief outline is provided free of cost. These records are of great service to the citizens in need of performing a background check on an individual.

When you review Maryland Court of Appeals cases and records, you will be able to appreciate the effectiveness of this judicial machinery. There is a just division of duties and efficient distribution of power. Maryland Court Appeals ensure that justice is not even delayed.