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Maine Court Appeals

The Maine Circuit Court of Appeals for the Maine County stands in Portland, Maine. There is also another courthouse premise in Bangor, Maine county.

Maine Court Appeals are directed to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. However Maine state appeals like claims for patents against the federal government that are dictated by the Tucker Act have to be directed to the Federal Circuit.

Maine was originally one of the thirteen U.S states formed by the Judiciary Act of 1789 and it was then a constituent of the state of Massachusetts. As was prevalent during that time, Maine was under a single judicial body, the same jurisdiction as the United States circuit court. When Maine became a part of the Union on March 1820, the District of Maine was assigned to the First Circuit.

The Maine Court of Appeal is a part of the efficient Maine judicial system. This is a well-delineated structure of courts that have been set up to resolve minor cases and conduct trials by the jury. The Supreme Judicial Court, a single appellate court, is the governing body of the entire judicial armory of the state of Maine. Other courts down the hierarchy are the Superior Court and the District Courts. An appeal for re-hearing is generally made to the court higher in hierarchy to the previous one. It is up to the higher court to review the cases details and then decide whether to accept or reject the appeal.

Maine Court Appeals made to the Supreme Judicial Court are directed from the district and superior courts and may include both Maine Court criminal appeals and Maine Court civil appeals. This Court of Appeals/Circuit Court of Maine also fields appeals for final judgment that originate from probate courts.

Functioning as an able Maine Court of Civil Appeals, the Supreme Court may also preside over appeals of decisions made by the Maine Public Utilities Commission and the Workers' Compensation Board. the Court of Appeal also empowers single judges to handle admission procedures to the state bar and execute disciplinary measures. Seven justices carry out the proceedings at the Supreme Court. Their chief, currently Leigh Ingalls Saufley, heads them. It must be noted that the judges carrying hearing the cases are experienced people with significant achievements in the field of justice.

The Maine Superior Court is the state's sole trial court dispensing general jurisdiction. The court handles Maine criminal appeals and civil cases like jury-waived trials of adult criminals, after-conviction reviews, and injunction cases involving equitable relief.

There is a Superior Court in each of the 16 counties of Maine, except Aroostook County, which has two Superior Courts. There are 17 justices in a Superior Court, all possessing state-specific jurisdictions.

Justices at all these courts of appeal review Maine Court of Appeals cases and records that originate at all levels of the judicial machinery, from the Juvenile Court to the Superior Court. They ensure that they correct legal errors and rectify discretionary flaws. The Superior Court is empowered to confirm, negate, or modify an order originating from the Juvenile Court, while the Supreme Court can demand a new order of disposition in cases where the Juvenile Court's disposition is deemed as an abuse.

Maine Court of Appeals makes all its records available online for the general public. Previously, to get their hands on the Maine Criminal Appeals, the citizens of Maine had to submit an application to the clerk's office of the Maine Circuit Court of Appeals. This process was timely and costly. The documents were generally dispatched by post after compilation, which made the process even more time consuming.

However, in recent times, with the advent of the internet, the process has become a lot easier. Certified copies of Maine Court Appeals can be obtained from the comforts of your homes. The service charges are minimal compared to the previous method. These documents are of great use to the general public when performing a background check on an individual. Lawyers use these documents as reference material for their cases. Law students use them for the purpose of research and studies. Hence, the Maine Court Appeals are of great use to all sections of the society for different purposes. These operations ensure that Maine Court Appeals never go unheard.