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Kansas Court Appeals

The supreme appellate authority in the state of Kansas is the Court Of Appeals of Kansas. Not only does it handle Kansas Court Criminal Appeals but also civil lawsuits as well. Hence, all Kansas Court Appeals must be filed here. Once such an appeal is filed, which is generally due to dissatisfaction over the judgment passed by a lower court, the court considers whether to accept or reject the appeal. Once an appeal is accepted, the judgment is then placed under review and may be altered if necessary. Additionally, records of all appeals are kept by the court for future reference.

The Kansas Court of Appeals was formed by a legislation enacted by the state legislature in 1895. The creation of this intermediate level court was in a bid to reduce the workload of the Kansas Supreme Court, so that Kansas court appeals could be made in this court. Initially the court was not established as a permanent solution but the Act was repealed in later years and became a permanent court in 1977. It comprised of a seven member panel in the beginning, which has been expanded over the years to include twelve judges. The court deals with all kinds of appeals, including Kansas Court civil appeals.

The Kansas criminal appeals pertaining to the State of Kansas is heard by the court of appeals within the State of Kansas. This appellate court hears all types of appeals such as orders provided by the State Corporation Commission, any action taken against the clauses of habeas corpus and most of the appeals made by the state of Kansas district courts for both civil and criminal Kansas court cases apart from which are already appealed for at the Supreme Court under the Kansas County directly. The judges of the court of appeals are selected by the governor of Kansas from a list of qualified individuals submitted by the Supreme Court Nominating Commission. Serving a span of four years they do not conduct trails as the other judges would do. The head of the Court Appellate judge is nominated by the Supreme Court.

Like any other Court of Appeals, in Kansas also judges do not try cases. What they do is go through the written records of an appealed case transferred to this court from Supreme Court for any significant error made in terms of legalities. The trial involves oral argument of the attorneys. There is also no right to an appeal against the judgments ruled by the Court of Appeals of Kansas. Parties who lose their appeal in the Court of Appeals may petition the Kansas Supreme Court to review the decision. The primary courtroom where the Appeals/ Circuits are tried in Kansas is in Kansas Judicial Center. The location of the courthouse is:

The Kansas Supreme Court
301 SW 10th Avenue
Topeka Kansas 66612-1507

The Court of Appeals may sit anywhere in the State in panels of three, but most frequently at the primary courtroom in the Kansas Judicial Center in Topeka. Hearings are also scheduled regularly in Hays, Garden City, Wichita, Chanute, Kansas City, Olathe, and Topeka, and also in other cities for the convenience of the parties. Each panel typically rules on approximately 30 appeals over a two-day period every month. Decisions of the Court of Appeals are filed weekly, usually on Friday mornings.

Review Kansas Court of Appeals Cases and Records

It is the Clerk of the Appellate Courts whom to appeal when required. The Clerk's Office dockets over 2,000 appeals and processes over 10,000 motions each year. The Clerk's Office handles the briefs filed by litigants and the opinions of the appellate courts after adjudication of cases. The Clerk's Office also orders the record prepared by the district court which is returned once the appeal concludes. At the conclusion of each appeal, this office is responsible for sending the litigants copies of the opinion.

The dockets of an appeal contains Case number consisting of a five or six digit numeric only field (the same is used for querying and retrieving data from the records database), case name consisting of a maximum of 30 alphanumeric characters and the county name where the petitioner resides in Kansas.

For information on records of Circuit Appeals Courts or Supreme courts, search in with the help of either of fields or the case number. Data for any particular case is retrieved within seconds from the database of bankable websites which are recognized by the government.

The majority of the legal proceedings related to the Kansas Court Appeals are dealt with at Topeka. The other 3 court locations of the state are also utilized for the same. If you want to find the details of the State Appeals of Kansas you however need not visit these locations. All you need is a PC and Internet connection in order to know the details. An online search is all that is needed to reveal the details of a particular appellate case. As every appellate case is documented by the Court of Appeal and all of it is part of the accessible public records, you can find the required information without facing any hassles.