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Indiana Court Appeals

The Court Of Appeals of Indiana is responsible for handling all appeals on cases throughout the state. Whenever an appeal is filed against the decision passed by a lower court in the state, irrespective of the county, the appellate court handles it. Such Indiana Court Appeals may be civil in nature or they may be Indiana Court Criminal Appeals. When an appeal is received, it is documented and subsequently a decision is taken on whether to accept or reject it. If it is accepted, a review of the standing judgment takes place. Records of all proceedings are made available to the public.

The Indiana General Assembly formed the Indiana Court of Appeals by virtue of legislation in 1891. Initially, it was instituted as an intermediate appellate court to relieve the excessive burden of legal cases of the Indiana Supreme Court and was not meant to remain a part of the state judicial system for long. However, the court was given a permanent status in 1901 and since then has been functioning effectively as an appellate court. The Indiana court of appeals, as we see it today, was formed in 1970 and has been dealing with Indiana court civil appeals and criminal appeals since then.

The Indiana criminal appeals are heard by the court of appeals under the Indiana County. All Indiana court cases filed under the jurisdiction of the State of Indiana can be assigned to the Indiana appellate court. This court is entitled to hear all kinds of appeals from the State of Indiana trial courts which include some of the interlocutory appeals. It is also assigned with the handling of the appeals from some several state government based organizations like the Department of Workforce Development, Worker's Compensation Board and Utility Regulatory Commission. Although the judges under the court of appeals in Indiana are representatives of different districts within the state of Indiana, each of the judge's panel has statewide jurisdiction.

The Indiana Court of Appeals had sat more than 2,700 cases in 2008 and has issued written opinions for each case. As of June 2009, there has been 100% rate of resolving the cases filed which is a record. It is expected that the caseload of the Appeals/Circuits will increase in future. Indiana thus boasts of developing strategies which are designed to meet the demands. In 2007, the average age of pending cases was 1.6 months which further reduced to 1.1 months in 2008.

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