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Idaho Court Appeals

Whether it is a civil lawsuit or a criminal one, everyone is entitled to file an appeal if he or she is in disagreement of the trial court's decision on the matter. If in Idaho, such Idaho Court Appeals are filed under the state appellate court. The Court Of Appeals of Idaho is the supreme authority in terms of appeals in the state, whether it is for civil lawsuits or Idaho Court Criminal Appeals. The appellate court subsequently decides whether an appeal will be accepted or rejected. If an appeal is accepted, a review of the decision takes place.

The Idaho Court of Appeals was created as an intermediate level court by the legislature of the state. It began functioning in 1982 and was created in order to reduce the burden of cases on the Idaho Supreme Court. The Idaho Court of Appeals comprises a total of three judges. One of them is appointed as the Chief Judge. The appointment is made through the process of impartial elections and once appointed the judges have to serve six year tenure. Since the current year, Idaho has a fourth judge on its existing panel.

Idaho Criminal Appeals court deals with Idaho court cases filed against criminal offences or felonies of different levels. This includes criminal offence, murder, attempt to murder, sexual assault, forcible sexual act and so on. The court of appeals within the Idaho county deals with cases assigned to the court by the State of Idaho Supreme Court. Most of the cases both criminal and civil cases are assigned to it apart from a few exceptions such as cases with the conviction of capital murder and all appeals from the Public Utilities Commission of the state of Idaho as well as the Industrial Commission of Idaho which are always assigned to the state supreme court.

The Supreme Court of Idaho can assign any case from Public utilities to District Courts to Court of Appeals except for capital murder. Since January 2008, Supreme Court made the Data Repository Website accessible to the general public. Now availing any public record on Appeals/ Circuit or trial cases held in forty-four counties is just a few clicks away. In this prime database, you will get electronic records of the cases including Circuit Appeals since 1995. There are even older cases electronically recorded which were of greater importance. Location of the courthouse for appeals is:

451 W State St Boise, ID 83702-6057, United States.

Search the Idaho Court of Appeals Cases and Records

Be it out of personal curiosity or for professional necessity, the reasons for checking Idaho Court Appeals can be numerous. In case you are interested to do the same, you need to know the proper procedure to go about finding the particular record. Sometimes it is difficult for individuals to track down a certain appellate case file because of the number of State Appeals registered. However, this is not as difficult as it sounds. The Court of Appeal of Idaho maintains every record pertaining to the appellate cases and these are available from the online websites of the courts making it easy to track down a particular case file.

There are a number of private websites that are also useful in tracking the case files. However there is a nominal charge for the information provided.