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Georgia Court Appeals

In the state of Georgia, the Georgia Appeal Court handles all matters related to court appeals statewide. An appeal arises out of dissatisfaction over a court judgment by the concerned parties. Such cases are then submitted for review to the state level appellate court. Hence, whenever Georgia Court Appeals are filed, they are handled by the state appellate court. An important function of the appellate court is to also maintain records of all the appeals filed and the relevant case details and results. This encompasses all types of cases that the appellate court may handle, be it civil suits or criminal.

Georgia criminal appeals can be made in the Georgia Court of Appeals. It serves as court at the intermediate level of the judicial system in the state. It has the power adjudicate cases from any Georgia county. The proposal to create an appellate court in the state was made as early as 1895 in order to lessen the burden of the Georgia Supreme Court. The plan, however, did not materialize immediately. The project received a new lease of life in 1902 when the issue was raised again and finally in 1906, the Constitution of the state was amended to form the Georgia Court of Appeals. Currently, the court comprises seventy justices of which some are involved with both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals of the state.

According to the laws of the circuit appeals court of Georgia, the appellate jurisdiction of the appeals circuit court of Georgia is very limited in comparison to several State courts of appeal. It is entitled to hear all types of cases which do not include queries on the constitutionality of the act, disputes over the title of the land, creation and signing of wills, criminal offence such as murder, contest on election, the clause of Habeas corpus divorce and any kind of alimony and those cases which has appellate jurisdiction with the higher courts.

Georgia Court of Appeals is under 11th Judicial Circuit along with the states of Florida and Alabama. It resolves the cases pertaining to murders, divorces and alimony, construction of will etc. If you are a research fellow looking for a trend of Court Appeal in Georgia, an investigator looking for a particular case, or a layman searching for the status of his or her own case filed in State Appeals, our network database can help you with the archives of Appeals Records. You will be able access to millions of entries in less than one minute.

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The records of the cases regarding the Georgia Court Appeals are available to the general public. This can be used for a variety of purposes, both personal and professional. These Appeal Records are also useful for reference in similar future appellate cases. To access these records you can visit the court location and find out the relevant details. However, the convenient way is to locate the same via online sources. If you have a computer and Internet connection you can avail these records sitting at your home. Many websites offer this information free of cost making online search a viable and user-friendly option.

However, not all websites are reliable. Some websites have been known to provide back dated information. Some of them even charge money. It is recommended that you go for the government run websites for official purposes. The most authentic source for obtaining the Appeal Records of Georgia is the National Open Search Records. This website has a separate page dedicated for the state of Georgia. All the users need to do is perform a simple search operation. The desired results are presented to the user in no time at all.