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Delaware Court Appeals

Whenever such a situation arises that a decision made by a trial court for civil or criminal affairs needs to be reviewed, the appellate judiciary is called into service. In the state of Delaware, the Delaware Circuit Court of Appeals handles all Delaware Court Appeals that are filed. Different sections of the appellate court handle different types of appeals. The Court Of Criminal Appeals Of Delaware handles criminal appeals while the Delaware Court of Civil Appeals handles the review of civil litigations. When such appeals are filed, the court of appeals keeps meticulous records for future reference of both itself and the general populace.

The Court has exclusive jurisdiction over felonies and drug offenses (except most felonies and drug offenses involving minors, and except possession of marijuana cases). Criminal cases, including death cases, crowd its docket, complicate its ability to move cases expeditiously and present the judges of that court with challenges of meeting speedy trial and guidelines consistent with quality adjudication. Recent management innovations such as electronic filing, case management technology, arbitration, negotiation, mediation, summary procedures, videoconferencing, jury reform and other advances have only added to its nationwide reputation of excellence.

Delaware Court Appeals are made in the Supreme Court of the state. The Supreme Court serves as the highest appellate court or Court of Appeals of Delaware. Delaware court criminal appeals and Delaware Court Civil Appeals that are filed in the Court of Chancery, the Family Court and the Superior Courts of the state are forwarded to the state Supreme Court, in case any of the parties involved are dissatisfied with the judgment of the lower courts and would like to take it to the next level of the judicial system. The Court has jurisdiction to receive civil appeals from the Superior Court and from the Court of Chancery in interlocutory or final judgments and other proceedings.

It also has jurisdiction to receive appeals in criminal cases from the Superior Court on application of the accused in cases in which the sentence is death, imprisonment exceeding one month, or a fine exceeding $100, and in such other cases as shall be provided by law. The cases are then adjudicated by the judges of this court. The Superior Court of the state serves as the intermediate appellate court hearing cases that have been originally filed in the Family Court and the Court of Common Pleas.

As there is no Delaware Appeals Court, appeals pertaining to Delaware court cases are assigned to the Delaware superior court. Under the general jurisdiction of the state of Delaware, the superior court acts as the intermediate appellate court and hears appeals as per the Delaware appeals records from the Court of Common Pleas, Delaware family court for adult criminals, Delaware court of common pleas and from nearly 50 different Delaware state governmental agencies. The superior court of Delaware also has a stand alone jurisdiction on all civil and criminal cases apart from cases pertaining to equity cases and cases related to domestic relationship issues. As far as the briefing is concerned, this court follows a strict policy. After the appellant files the notice of appeal and the record is filed with the Superior Court, the appellant's brief shall be served and filed within twenty days after the date of the filing of the record. The appellee's brief will be filed within further twenty days of appellant's brief.

As there is no concept of Delaware Appeal Court, hence if you want to search on Delaware Appeals Verdicts, you need to search Delaware Supreme Court. Hearing oral argument is not mandatory. When clarification of law and justice is required, only then an oral hearing is called for. In such case, attorneys are given not more than 20 minutes to state their side. If the case is related to the Capital, then attorneys are given 30 minutes. In absence of Court of Appeals, about 75% of the opinions are delivered in briefs only. Details of Delaware Court Appeals is thus cannot be found however, you can get information on Delaware Criminal Appeals of any Delaware County, as they exist under different jurisdiction.

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If you are a resident of Delaware and need to check a particular case among the Circuit Appeals or the State Appeals, all you need to know is the right place to look for the information. All Appeals Records of Delaware are part of the official court records and are thus available for public use. There are special official appointed towards this dedicated service of maintaining court of appeals record and making them available to the citizens accurately. It is only in special circumstances that Appeal Records are barred from public access. Appeals Circuit records are also preserved for future reference. All you need to do is log on to an authentic website (preferably a government website) and search for the specific case file regarding Court Appeal of Delaware. The database is updated so as to make the information more useful.