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Connecticut Court Appeals

If you or someone you know is a resident of Connecticut, then under the judicial laws prevalent there, you can appeal against the decision of any trial or criminal court if you fin the judgment unsatisfactory. Such Connecticut Court Appeals are filed under the Connecticut Circuit Court of Appeals. The appellate court has jurisdiction over all the counties of the state when it comes to appeals. Under the court of appeals for the state, there is the Connecticut Court of Civil Appeals which hears of civil appeals and the criminal appellate court which hears Connecticut Court Criminal Appeals. In addition records of all appeals filed are also kept by the courts and made accessible to the general public.

The Court of Appeals of Connecticut is an intermediate court of the state. The Connecticut Court of Appeals was formed in 1982 following a constitutional amendment that bore the approval of the voters of the state. It began functioning from 1st July 1983. The purpose behind the establishment of the Connecticut Court of Civil Appeals was to reduce the pressure on the state Supreme Court. A judicial bench comprising three judges adjudicates each of the cases filed in the appellate court. The court also has the power of en banc where all the members of the court have a say in the final decision.

According to the laws pertaining to Connecticut criminal appeals, the Connecticut appellate court is assigned as the first court of appeals for all types of Connecticut court cases filed under the jurisdiction of the superior courts within the state of Connecticut. The Appellate Court of Connecticut comprises of a nine member board of jury. The Connecticut Court Appeals is entitled to deal with all kinds of appeals made on different types of court cases such as case for criminal offence, case regarding parole or probation issues, cases according to the clause of habeas corpus and so on. However, cases of criminal offence are the most common in the Connecticut Court of Civil Appeals.

The Court of Appeals/ Circuit Court after its establishment initialized its term with 215 cases transferred from Supreme Court. In 2003, the total number of cases held in Second Circuit Court was 6359 which included private civil, US Civil, bankruptcy, prisoner petition, criminals and administrative agencies. The website of the state court houses the database of Connecticut County court records for public access.

Connecticut Court Appeals are on a rise in recent times. The global economic meltdown has proportionately increased the occurrence of crimes in Connecticut. The reason is simple. The motive behind most criminal offenses is money. A shortage of money thus increases the number of crimes. Whenever there is rise in the number of crimes in our society, the number of appeals also increases.

A look into the records of Connecticut Court Of Appeals indicates a number of occasions when the person was wrongly convicted for a crime he or she did not actually commit. Judges are after all human beings prone to mistakes. Thus, it would be grossly unfair that an innocent man or woman suffers punishment for a crime he or she did not commit. Hence, the Connecticut Court Of Appeals was established with the aim to provide justice to such people.

Search the Connecticut Court of Appeals Cases and Records

Court Of Appeal in the state takes care of all related legal proceedings. In case you need to check the Connecticut Court Appeals records, you can conduct a manual search for the same. These records are accessible to the public except in Circuit Appeals involving sensitive issues or matters considered confidential by the Connecticut government.

However, conducting such a search can be a time-consuming affair. Be it for personal use or for a professional reference, checking the State Appeals is often done. The best method is to search for online records. The records are available from government as well as non-government websites and you can check them for yourself at any time. However, be careful about the non-government websites. Some of them are not authentic and provide unreliable information. Some of the others are guilty of providing out of date information. Moreover, they charge varying amount of money from the users.

The Connecticut Court of Appeals official website is open to the general public. Each one of the Connecticut Circuit Court of Appeals maintains a record of all the court proceedings. A brief overview of the records is made available on the website itself. You will need to pay nominal charges if you want to get a certified copy of the case proceedings. The national open search records are the most popular way of obtaining Connecticut Court Of Appeals records. All you need to avail this service is a fast internet connection. Once on the home page of the website you will need to proceed to the page for the state of Connecticut.

Here you will come across a search option which allows you to access the Court Of Appeals records. These records provide valuable background check information for the general public and reference material for court attorneys. Often the normal criminal records do not give a proper indication about the guilty and the innocent. But, the Connecticut Circuit Court of Appeals records separate the guilty from the innocent. We recommend going through the updated State Appeals records on a regular basis.