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Colorado Court Appeals

The state of Colorado, like all other states in the USA, has a state level appellate court. Whenever there is dissatisfaction regarding a judgment passed by a trial or criminal court in the state, the concerned parties have a right to file Colorado Court Appeals so that the case is reconsidered. Such a Colorado Circuit Court of Appeals has jurisdiction over cases heard in any county of the state. While criminal cases in Colorado are filed for an appeal under the criminal appellate court, the Colorado Court of Civil Appeals handles civil cases for which an appeal is filed anywhere in the state.

The Court of Appeals of Colorado is the intermediate appellate court in the state. The legislation for the establishment of the Colorado Court of Appeals was made under Article VI, Section 1 of the Colorado Constitution. There are twenty two judges who adjudicate cases that are filed in these courts, including Colorado Court Criminal Appeals. The state appeals are heard and adjudicated by a panel comprising of three judges. The responsibility to assign cases to these panels of judges lies with the Chief Judge of the Colorado Court of Appeals.

The Colorado Court of Appeals has a jurisdiction over court cases and Colorado court civil appeals from different courts such as the Colorado District Courts, Denver Juvenile Court and Denver Probate Court and also other cases from different state based agencies, including the Industrial Claim Appeals Office. Reviews of the Court of Appeals' decisions are directed to the Colorado Supreme Court.

All Appeals/Circuit courts are entitled to review all decisions and verdicts of the lower courts. The appellate jurisdiction is created legislatively and includes appeals by circuit court. The review of the decision depends entirely on the type of the case.

According to the Colorado Constitution's Article VI of Section 1 and Section 13-4-101, Colorado Court Appeals can practice jurisdiction over District Courts of the State, Denver Juvenile Court and Denver Probate Court. The Court of Appeals aims at providing impartial and punctual resolution of Colorado Court Cases with the help of authorities that have been granted to it. If you want statistics of cases held or publications of the Opinions of these cases, there are websites which extract information from the archives of US Court System. You will get the records of Circuit Appeals of Colorado as old as of last ten years.

The Court of Appeals sits in three-member divisions to decide the cases. The Chief Judge is appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who in turn assigns judges to the divisions and rotates their assignments, accordingly. The Court of Appeals was created by statute; accordingly, jurisdiction is limited to the areas specified by state statute, together with the inherent powers granted to all the other courts.

Search the Colorado Court of Appeals Cases and Records

Colorado Court Appeals are dealt by the Court of Appeal, assigned for the state, located at Denver. Colorado County appeals are often searched for different reasons. The most searched category is Colorado Criminal Appeals records. The reason for conducting such search can be personal as well as professional.

The Court of Appeals of Colorado provides its citizens with clear, impartial, equal and timely solutions of appealed orders and judgments as provided by law. And along with handling all legal procedures related to appeals, the Court of Appeal also preserves all records of appeals filed in the state. This is done for future reference sake. These records are available for the public. Manual search for the said record is possible, but highly time-consuming. In order to avoid this, you can choose online means for searching the records. The government and commercial websites related to the court of appeals provides updated information about all appellate cases filed in the state of Colorado.