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California Court Appeals

If the judgment passed by a trial or criminal court in the state of California is found to be dissatisfactory by the defendant or otherwise, an appeal can be filed under a higher court of law against the judgment. Such California Court Appeals can be filed in any Court Of Appeals of California. In most cases, such appeals may be filed for criminal cases where the defendant is not happy with the court's judgment. These California Court Criminal Appeals are overseen by any of the appellate courts in the state and a decision is made whether to accept the appeal and re-hear the case.

The California Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court of the state and has within its jurisdiction California court appeals that is filed across the six appellate districts of the state. Whatever be the decision of the appellate court, it cannot be repealed by the Superior Courts of California or any other trial courts. In the event of a vacancy in the Supreme Court of California, a judge from the California court of appeals is appointed on a temporary basis. On the other hand, appointing a judge from the Superior Courts fills up a vacancy in the California court. California Court civil appeals are also made in this intermediate court.

The California Court Appeals is authorized to deal with any appeal of a court or any sort of other lower tribunals. As most of the jurisdictions it is divided into three different levels such as the California Supreme Court, intermediate California Criminal Appeals court and trail court. According to the California Court Cases some of the appellate district courts are categorized into divisions. Some of the other courts of appeal in California are not divided. One of the courts of appeal in California is very uniquely divided into three different geographically located divisions.

The first and second appellate districts are divided into divisions each having four appellate justices randomly selected to form three-justice panels for each appellate case and their workload is evenly distributed for efficient working. The Third, Fifth, and Sixth districts are not divided. The justice panels are similarly selected and given equal share of work. Interestingly, the fourth appellate is divided into three geographically-based divisions that are administratively separate and works independently.

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California Court of Appeal handles all matters related to the appeals made throughout the state. It is usually restricted to hearing appeals based on matters that were originally brought up before the trial court and whether the court below made the correct legal determinations. Hence, this appeal court will not consider an appellant's argument if it is based on matter that is raised for the first time in the appeal.As a constitutional right, California Court of Appeal allows parties to one appeal once in front of the court. This means that a party who is unsatisfied with the outcome of a trial may bring an appeal to contest that outcome. But this is a costly procedure and only a small proportion of trial court decisions result in appeals.

To ease this burden of the courts, different locations have been assigned to the districts for handling circuit appeals. They are as follows:

  • First District: San Francisco
  • Second District: Los Angeles, Ventura
  • Third District: Sacramento
  • Fourth District: San Diego, Riverside, Santa Ana
  • Fifth District: Fresno
  • Sixth District: San Jose

According to latest statistics, the Californian Court of Appeals had affirmed 66% civil cases in 2006-2007. Another 10% were modified later. About 20% of the cases registered were reversed. 3% of the appeal cases were ruled out on several grounds like premature filing, late filing, and briefs were not filed etc. On an average every fifth appeal filed in the Appeal/Circuit Court of any California County is a success. Since there have been alternatives to solving disputes and Trial courts are no longer required as the intermediary, so the graph of civil cases registered in Appellate System of California moves towards low.

If you want to know the details of any appellate case, you need to visit the corresponding court. However, the more convenient way is to opt for online state appeals record search. You can visit the government websites for authentic information in this regard.