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Arkansas Court Appeals

If a person in the US state of Arkansas is dissatisfied by the judgment of a trial court or any lower level court, he or she has the right to appeal against the decision. It is here that the concept of an appellate court comes to the fore. Any and all Arkansas Court Appeals are filed in one of the Court Of Appeals of Arkansas for re-hearing. If the court deems the appeal acceptable, the case is heard again. This is especially popular for criminal cases where the defendant may have not gotten the expected result from a lower court. Hence, Arkansas Court Criminal Appeals are numerous.

The first Court of Appeals/Circuit Court in any Arkansas county was created in 1978 and the first opinion to be published was in 1979. This amendment was made in order to shed off some of the load from the Supreme Court of Arkansas. But as the docket kept on increasing, work load of Arkansas Court of Appeals increased too. As a result, with adoption of Legislature, number of members was increased in 1993. You can get detailed information on these courts, dockets, library, Opinion and about the Court clerk in the websites many of which have government's approval.

During its initial days, the judicial bench of this intermediary appellate court comprised of six judges who were to preside over Arkansas Court Appeals. In the later years, the law was modified and the number of judges increased to nine and subsequently to twelve. The Governor of the state appoints the judges of the court, who adjudicate Arkansas Court Civil Appeals. Bill Clinton, during his tenure as the Governor of Arkansas, made the first appointments of the appellate court in Arkansas.

The Supreme Court of Arkansas has established the jurisdiction of Arkansas Court Appeals. The Arkansas criminal appeals court does not give any right of appeal to the supreme court of Arkansas. But all opinion which have already been decided by the court through Arkansas court cases can be reviewed by the supreme court of Arkansas under three different scenarios such as

  • If any kind of application is given by any party pertaining to the appeal
  • With help of the certification of the appeals court of Arkansas
  • The supreme court of Arkansas takes a decision that the case should have been assigned to it.

Search the Arkansas Court of Appeals Cases and Records

The Court of Appeal of Arkansas maintains all the records of the appellate cases registered within the state. These Circuit Appeals records are accessible to the general public. There are several websites providing such kind of records available over the Internet. The records database contain different types of information pertaining to court appeals, the different laws pertaining to court cases, records of previous cases, records pertaining to ongoing cases, criminal records under different cases, records of bankruptcy cases and so on. These online records are very important as people might require going through these details pertaining to their personal needs. These records can also help people know more about the different criminal laws of the state.

However, if you are looking for a particular appellate case file manually, it would be a huge task. In order to make this job easy, the state appeals are made available from online resources. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. The court websites have links to the updated databases of these records and you can just log on to these and check for relevant information. The records can be searched for free from these databases, making them cost-effective as well.