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Arizona Court Appeals

Under the judicial system of the United States, the defendant has options at his disposal if he is not satisfied with the justice meted out at a lower level or trial court. He can appeal against the judgment to a higher authority. Arizona Court Appeals works on the same principle as appeals in the rest of the states. A defendant can file an appeal. If it is deemed to be acceptable, the case is heard again in the appellate court. This provides an effective avenue for people to protest against a decision if they find it unconstitutional.

Arizona court criminal appeals are made in the Arizona Court of Appeals. It serves as the intermediate appellate court for the state. There are two divisions of the court. One division comprising sixteen judges and the other division comprises six judges. The selection of the judges is made in accordance with a revised Missouri Plan by which an impartial commission is set up to make a list of probable. The Governor of the state makes the final appointment from the list approved by the commission, on the basis of the credentials of the candidates.

The Arizona Court Appeals has the jurisdiction to judge the appeals made in the civil court cases from the superior court in the state of Arizona. The court of appeals of Arizona also reassess the juvenile and household relationship issues from the Arizona superior court, the compensation of the workers and the decisions pertaining to the unemployment benefits, decisions pertaining to the tax court and several other decisions about corporation commission. This court also deals with appeals pertaining to criminal issues from the Arizona superior court apart from the cases that has a death sentence is imposed against it. All death penalties are directly sent to the Arizona Supreme Court.

There are two divisions of Arizona court appeals. In Division one, about 2,676 appeals were registered in 2006. Of them, 2,378 cases were resolved. This statistics include appeals as well as special action. Like in any other state, here too the procedures of the appeals are taken care by the court rules and statutes. Every division of case has separate set of rules. For example, Arizona court civil appeals would be different from criminal appeals. Now, this information is accessible to common people because there are databases are available over Internet. For the details of the rules, you need to click on that particular section's tab.

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Arizona Court of Appeals is divided into two divisions, as mentioned earlier. The location of Division One of Arizona Court of Appeal is Phoenix while that of Division Two is Tucson. All legal procedures related to appellate cases are handled at these two places. The courts are also responsible for maintaining the Arizona Court Appeal records. In case you need to know about a certain case involving an appeal, you could check these records for the same. You can pay a visit to the court locations and look for the relevant file. However, this is very time-consuming. It is easier, cost-effective and involves lesser hassle to search for online court appeals from government websites.