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Alaska Court Appeals

Whenever a trial court passes a sentence, the defendant, depending on the nature of the crime, has the right to appeal to a higher corridor of justice. Hence, at the state level it is possible to file Alaska Court Appeals for cases in the state of Alaska whose judgments have been passed in disfavor of the defendant in a lower court. The Alaskan Appellate Court considers all such applications and then the necessary course of action is taken. It is then decided whether an appeal to re-hear is acceptable or not and the appeal proceeds if it is deemed so.

The Alaska court of appeals forms an integral part of the judicial system in the state. The state legislature established the Alaska court of appeals in 1980 with a view to reduce the pressure on Alaska Supreme Court. This appellate court comprises a chief judge and two other judges. The Governor of the state makes the appointment of the judges. The chief judge who takes decisions regarding Alaska court appeals is chosen amongst the three judges by the chief justice of the supreme court of the State of Alaska. The chief judge is appointed for tenure of two years.

The Alaska Appeals Court has the jurisdiction of hearing the verdict given for the criminal cases, other criminal like cases where any minor has committed a crime also known as juvenile delinquency case. The Alaska Appeal Court also deals with cases in which an imprisoned man challenges the authenticity of his their captivity under the clauses of habeas corpus and post-imprisonment relief issues and cases which are involved with issues of probation and decisions on parole.

Any defendant pertaining to a criminal case who had appealed to a superior court from a district court may ask the appeal court to reassess the resultant judgment given by the superior court. The appeal court by its power of discretion may not hear it.

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This three-decade-old court system was created by Alaska Legislature to reduce the extensive burden of Alaska Supreme Court. Alaska court appeals hear the cases on criminal prosecution, child felony, probation and parole etc. According to the last recorded statistics, from 2006 till date, there had been more than two hundred cases held in Alaska Appellate court.

The Alaska court of appeals has a panel of three judges who serve a term of three years. The Governor of Alaska as per the list provided to him by the State Judicial Council elects these judges. An US citizen with law license and five years state citizenship of Alaska is eligible for this panel.

The common people at the different court locations can hear the oral arguments related to court appeals. Arguments with regard to the Alaska Appeals for the Fairbanks area are heard at the Boney Courthouse Building, appeals for the Juneau area are heard at the Dimond Courthouse and appeals for the Fairbanks area are heard at Rabinowitz Courthouse.

If you wish to access a particular appellate record, you can do so sitting at your home. Online sources are available that offer updated databases of all appeals made within the state. All you need to do is to find a reliable website, log on to it and search for the particular file.