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Court of Appeal

Part of the judicial system of US, the Court of Appeal, functions as the appellate court of the country. There are 94 judicial districts in the United States of America. These are arranged in regional circuits that number up to 12. Each of these regional circuits is assigned a court of appeal. The appellate courts of USA deal with the appeals from the district courts that are part of the regional circuit.

Initially, the US circuit courts supervised the appellate cases in their respective jurisdiction areas. This was done according to the Judiciary Act implemented on September 24, 1789. However, the State Court of Appeal was established by the act of March 3, 1891 to look into the appellate cases of the country. These courts are integral parts of the federal court system and thus also known as the Federal Court of Appeals.

The Court of Appeal Records are available for public perusal. You may avail these records from the official website of the US court of appeals. Online sources also provide databases of the records of the court of appeal. All you need to do is to find such a website, visit it and search for the relevant information. However, it is better to collect the information from the official website as it guarantees authentic information.

The US Court of Appeal Directory helps you find information regarding the details of the court of appeals records. The directory comes in handy when you are searching for particular cases that have been dealt with at the courts of appeals located at the different parts of the USA. However, you can avail only the information that has been deemed as 'published records' by the judicial department. The availability of these courts of appeal has made access easy and reliable.