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Small Claims County Court Records

Small Claims County Court is a typical kind of court, established for the purpose of hearing cases involving small amounts of money. The cases tried at such courts involve disputes between private parties only. Most courts handling small claims cases have other responsibilities too and often double up as municipal courts as well. A maximum amount of $5,000 can be tried under the jurisdiction of the state courts of USA. Collection of small time debts as well as landlord-tenant rifts are handled routinely by the Small Claims County Court of the land. Although this sytem was introduced to benefit the members of the general public, some plaintiffs try to take advantage of the system. Going through various Small Claims County Court Forms will enable you to understand that you will not be able to claim more than the limited amount of money permissible by the Small Claims County Court.

Since the cases involve extremely small amounts, the court system has been typically modified and simplified so that the parties can settle the disputes among themselves without going through the process of employing a lawyer. Very few small claims cases can be retried in a superior court which follows more formal legal processes. Business houses trying to claim monetary compensation usually hire an attorney. The decision is usually given in favor of the plaintiff if the defendant fails to turn up. However, winning the case in a small claims court does not ensure payment for damages. Most monetary dues have to be recovered through wage deductions or liens. The small claims court is a typical court of the state court system and there is no equivalent of the court in the US federal court system.

Checking out small claims records online will help you to check out the financial stability of a person to a certain extent. Records revealing the existence of several small claims cases against an individual may prove to be extremely beneficial for background checks. Potential creditors would do well to check out all relevant information of small claims disputes before handing over the credit amount. Civil court judges normally preside over small claims cases and the name of the judge can be viewed from an online court record as well. Case information in every detail except court decisions can be retrieved by searching through the relevant state court system website.

Advanced search by specific keywords or Boolean characters will help you to view 10 relevant results for every search conducted. This system is a special feature of the small claims court of New York. It is also possible to track a particular case right from its commencement to termination by availing of the search system provided by various court sites. You can track multiple cases at a time especially if you are an attorney or a student of law. Some states also offer the provision of conducting a small claims search by reverse name. Certain private and commercial websites also have a look up facility for small claims thereby providing you with an opportunity of checking out the amount of money that you can recover from your debtor.