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County Superior Court

Every County Superior Court is empowered with jurisdiction over almost all civil and criminal cases which are not specifically designated to other courts. A few of these County Superior Courts are known as courts of common pleas or circuit courts in certain regions of the country. The state of New York is an exception where the courts handling these cases of general jurisdiction are known as supreme courts.

The prefix 'Superior' is added because the County Superior Court Cases show that the courts have an elevated position vis-?-vis municipal, traffic and justice of peace courts. However, the state of California has a unified court system and the lower courts now exist as mere administrative wings of the superior courts.

A County Superior Court normally handles civil cases involving more than $300 and unlawful detentions. Civil injunctions also fall under the jurisdiction of the superior courts. Both felony as well as misdemeanor cases are heard by the superior courts of each county. However, certain minor misdemeanor cases may be the responsibility of other inferior courts too. Family law matters pertaining to dissolution of marriage, adoption and custodial rights can also be disputed in the county superior courthouses. Abused children as well as criminal offences committed by juveniles also form a part of the cases tried by the superior courts of various counties. Trivial issues like truancies can also be heard in the county superior court. The jurisdiction of the Superior court includes mental commitments both voluntary and involuntary in nature.

Find County Superior Court Cases and Records Online

County Superior Court Records can be searched on the Internet by accessing the county superior court official website. However, the information retrieved from the court site can be utilized as only as a reference and does not serve as an official court record. It is possible to find out the date and time of court appearance if you use the search tool provided by the court. Apart from the required date, you can also view the case summary, calendar information as well as a list of docketed case activities. The search can be made more specific if you have prior knowledge about the case number, person's name or business name. A search through the case records is particularly helpful for attorneys who have the option for going through superior court proceedings associated with the bar number.

Checking out the background information of a person is one of the most important reasons for conducting an online court record search. Entering the name of the target person enables the search tool to search across all the court records and returns a list of court cases involving the concerned person. You can find out people with active vulnerable adult protection orders by conducting an online search too. However, if you require copies of official court documents, you can get them from the court of records. Although every superior court site maintains the most updated form of court records, the site itself does not guarantee the authenticity of the information. Cross checking the online search records with court documents is advisable particularly if you want to take legal action on basis of the information obtained.