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County District Court

The County District Court is an essential pillar in the United States judicial system. There are a total of 94 County District Courts spanning the entire nation. The District County Courts have jurisdiction over both civil and criminal cases. A separate court for bankruptcy filing is usually associated with each District Court. These District Courts can be found distributed in such a way that each federal district houses at least one County Court. This ensures that the citizen belonging to a particular region does not have to travel large distances to find County District Courts. These County Courts not only ensure justice to the citizens under its jurisdiction but also ascertains that the innocent are not wrongfully convicted.

The County District Courts works under the principles of law, equity and admiralty. The US law requires the courts name be preceded by the phrase 'United States District Court for'. For example, the district court in the central district of California must be named United States District Court for Central district of California. This has been done to ensure uniformity in the courts name. In contrast to the Supreme Court which was established by the Article three of the constitution, the District County Courts were established by the United States Congress.

Besides deciding on criminal cases, the County District Courts performs several other functions. These include issuing Anti harassment protection order and impounds, deciding on small claims as well as phone and online payments of Fines and Penalties. The name change of an individual is another important activity which occurs in the District Courts and is usually done on submission of a petition form worth nearly 150 dollars. The cost of the form varies from one County Court to another. The County District Courts also have jurisdiction over misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors. This includes charges like theft, prostitution, Cruelty to Animals and unlawful dumping.

Though the number of judges in a district court is decided by the congress, the life span of a judge is usually decided by Article three of the constitution. A judge can only be removed from his or her position due to charges of corruption through a motion of impeachment by the United States House of Representatives. The job of a District Court judge is to supervise trails, pass judgments on cases as well as provide official opinion on certain matters of importance.

The records pertaining to a particular court case in the District Court is maintained in the courts official database. These records are made available to the general public online. All the citizens need to do is log on to the internet and go to the Districts Courts official website. Once on the home page, the users need to navigate to the search page which gives them easy access to the repository of court information. This information can be obtained using a number of search parameters like the case number, the judge's name or the firm's name. However, you are advised to ensure typing in the correct input parameters to get the correct output information. The information obtained from the County District Court records must be carefully analyzed in order to minimize citizens falling prey to criminals.